Friday, February 10, 2012

Bisbee Part 2

Our trailer had a fun little guest book to sign.  It was great to see what other people wrote...the pictures they drew.  Someone even drew a little Mini Cooper pulling a trailer!  I added our note on a Fuji Instax Mini photo that I took outside the trailer door.  I taped it on with Smash Book tape, which for the record I adore!

We knew we wouldn't be in Bisbee very long & really wanted to see what it was like.  So we hopped on a trolly tour given by an old cowboy...ok, it was an old dude dressed up as a cowboy. 

The trolly ride was around 45 minutes & was just enough to get an overview of the town of Bisbee & some of it's history.  He took us by the brothels (what's left of them), the churches (there's a huge catholic church there!), the convent, which he kept calling a convalesce & he told us things like Bisbee burnt down more than a dozen times.  Flat to the ground.  And that in the 1970's the hippies took over & it's never been the same.  Here's a perfect example of the hippie influence:
Occupy Bisbee is alive & well!

I love the funky vibe of all the art!

There were tents scattered across Bisbee...even a tepee!  It is truly a bohemian chic little town now!

Stay tuned for part 3!

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