Sunday, January 15, 2012


We had a family birthday party at my brother's house last night.  (My mom & Don's birthdays).  I didn't take too many photos because I was visiting with a family that I adore.  And the ones I took?  Yeah, they're a little blurry.  My new camera has some auto face sensing for focusing & it was not focusing on the faces I was taking photos of.  Mostly in the self portraits...something I need to figure out.  Or maybe it was the wine...yes, I briefly departed from my detox to have a couple of Coronas & some wine, ok, & a spoonful of my delicious chocolate frosting.  But I did great the rest of the time!  Fish, shrimp & steak tacos, heavenly guacamole, yummy beans, a delightful salad...& plenty of family to keep us happy! 

Kendall & MacKenzie

 My adorable hubby

Don & my mom

My little family

My dad & me

Our niece, Becky

My Mama

Our niece, Shannon

My brother, Dave


  1. Your family adores you too!xoxo

  2. Have not seen the shirt you are wearing - ever. Looks lovely on you! Audra