Saturday, January 7, 2012

Detox Days 5 & 6

Yesterday was the hardest so far.  I was hungry most of the day.  But it's also the first day in probably my life that I was craving the salad I brought for lunch.  Delicious!  Who knew adding walnuts & sunflower seeds could make it so good?  Or that balsamic vinegar is an excellent salad dressing?

Today was great.  We tried some new juice blends.  Two great, one not so great.  Had breakfast out at my brothers (ok, I had 1/2 a cup of coffee!  but I ate fruit for don't judge me...)  Then came home & swept up the garage...which turned into cleaning the garage & 3 hours later, we have a clean garage & I have a very sore back.  Such is life. 

The changes this week have been substantial:
  • I've been doing most of the cooking.  My 4 readers will tell you that I do not typically enjoy cooking.  I feel like it takes too long & I hate reading recipes.  But this week, I had to cook.  Or I'm certain my frustrated hubby would strangle me in my sleep.  
  • My sister in law loaned me a Moosewood cookbook & already I want to make so many recipes.  I am enjoying cooking.  Please do not pass out from the shock!
  • I tried beets.  See previous posts.
  • I'm enjoying salads.  And soups.
  • Other than a couple of doozy headaches, I feel great! 
A side note, Kendall threw in the towel yesterday.  She made it 4 1/2 days, which is 4 more than I thought she would.  She ate all her lunch stuff by 10 am & when lunch rolled around she was starving.  Starving is never good when you're just leads to quitting.  That & she refused to drink water.  Better that she's done.  

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