Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Detox Day 3

Every day is getting a little easier, body wise.  Food wise, it's still hard.  Why is it that healthy food takes so long to prepare?  And why must it cost 10x that of crap food?  We've made a trip to the grocery store every day this week.  I shudder to think about how much we've spent.  I'm also finding that vegetables take a few tries before you can really decide if you like it or not.  We've spent so much of our lives eating what was easy, recipes we were familiar with, nothing all that interesting.  Now we're eating cashew curry, steamed broccoli with tahini sauce (nasty, by the way), kale chips (loved before the detox!), nuts & fruit, juicing carrots & grapefruits, and well, not much else so far.  That's part of the problem.  It takes planning to do a detox.  And the planning sucks just as much as the cooking part. 

My whole house is frustrated.  I keep telling them they do not need to do the detox.  Eat what you want, I don't care (it would actually be easier!).  But they persist.  Stubborn.  I guess there are worse things to be stubborn about.  I came home from yoga tonight, thinking that Don would have dinner done, instead what I found was a trashed kitchen & a frustrated husband.  This detox may just kill us.  We may have to modify.  Will keep you posted.

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