Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Detox Day 2

Yesterday, well, it was a challenge, that's for sure!  Don & Kendall both wanted to participate in it, which is not something I'm used to.  It requires much more planning when your family participates.  You have to plan meals, prepare food & think of their likes & dislikes.  It was totally stressing me out!  Not to mention a screaming headache that sent me to bed at 8 pm...OMG I thought for sure I was done! 

Today was easier.  By far.  For me.  Kendall is grumpy from not drinking enough water & when you mention it she bites your head off.  But the food was easier today.  I don't particularly care for the recipes that the Whole Living Challenge recommends so I decided to check out the vegan recipes on  (I picked vegan because the first week of the challenge is fruits/vegetables/nuts/olive oil basically.)  There are so many I want to try!  I have Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Cooking cookbook, but truth be told I've really not made anything from it.  I adore the photos in it & secretly hope that I could sneak some of the recipes into our repertoire without my family realizing it was healthy.   Well, now I can!

Tonight I made this leek soup (minus the dill because I couldn't find any at New Frontiers tonight).  It was good.  I'll probably make it again.  I suspected that maybe Don & Kendall wouldn't love it so I also made cashew curry, just to try.  It was so good!  Kendall even had seconds!  I had to leave out the tofu because of the detox, but man, it was tasty!  We will definitely make it again!

I'm not sure what's on the menu tomorrow night...that's up to them.  I'm going to try to squeeze into what I can only surmise will be a packed yoga room.  The first of my goal of 52 yoga classes in 2012. 

You might be wondering why the detox.  Well, a couple of reasons.  I've been listening to a ton of podcasts on health & nutrition & a common theme among them is that sugar causes inflammation in your body.  I eat way too much sugar & I have a back that hurts way too much.  I won't give up sugar forever...are you kidding me?  It's a trial to see how my body reacts to all sorts of different things.  I'd love to feel better, feel like I'm taking care of myself.  Plus, veggies & fruit are great for you.  So why not?  Another reason is that my family eats too much crap.  It's a way to get us all to clean up our acts, if only for a little while.  My hope is we'll feel so much better that we'll not want to eat out & eat junk so much.

Maybe this detoxing thing is not so tough after all...we shall see.


  1. Wow. Thats awesome! Im sure it will get easier everyday. Good job!!

  2. Love curry - one of my favorite meals! The other person in my household thinks it is the work of the devil so I never make it, but given the chance to order it out - my go to dish! Good Luck - only 18 more days . . .

  3. Cashew curry looks yummy...when you are done with detox you can toss some chicken pieces into it for a little bit of protein.