Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 14

Today is day 14 of the detox. Only 7 days to go! I feel great! Bright. Not bloated. Happy (well, except an unfortunate incident with Kendall today). Not craving meat at all. I could seriously see myself as a vegetarian. One who eats fish & eggs, because, let's face it, I need it. Not so keen on the dairy, but we will see. My family? Um, no. I asked Don today what he missed most. His response? Everything. So much for change. I see so many positive changes in how I feel that I had hoped he'd be on board. Such is life. Just because they eat meat does not mean I have to. I've never really liked meat unless it's battered & fried...can you even call that product meat? I think not.

How can he not feel any different? Is he just too stubborn to realize he's lost weight & is healthier? That chips & Hawaiian Punch Zero Calorie Packs are not great for him? I feel so different, how can he not? We shall see how this plays out...

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