Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice

Can I just tell you how happy December 21st makes me?  To some, it is the beginning of winter.  To me, it is the beginning of our days getting just a bit minute each day (until June 21st).  Why do I know this?  Because I hate the dark.  I crave sunlight.  December 21st is the darkest day of the year...June 21st is the brightest day of the year.  Something about winter makes me a little sad...I've come to realize it's the dark.  The cold, cold Flagstaff temps are part of it, for sure.  But it's the dark that sucks the life out of me.  So this is a day to celebrate!  The sun will come up earlier tomorrow!  We will ignore the part about today being the start of winter...


  1. I feel the EXACT same way! I was actually looking forward to it all week so I can say "it's over" and start watching the light come earlier and earlier in the morning.

    I hate the darkness.

  2. I have the opposite feeling on this day. That means I can't manipulate my kids into going to bed earlier.