Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Toy Drive Update

I just want you all (my 4 readers) to know that I put my money where my mouth is & bought a fine looking purple bike with streamers for the toy drive. It's fit for about an 8-10 year old princess, whom I 'm sure will love it!  Thank you to Melissa Dunstan for donating a helmet for the bike! Everyone knows that you cannot ride a bike without a helmet nowadays.  Brain injuries are preventable!  Melissa is part of Flagstaff Biking, which does so many great things for our community.  I hope you considered donating to a toy drive this year...or donating to the food bank...or to a charity of your chosing.  Wherever makes your soul feel good. 


  1. YEAY! I knew you wanted to do this and I am very proud that you did. You rock!

  2. Great Kirsten! I dontated to our local food bank and to Toys for Tots:) It did make me happy!