Sunday, December 11, 2011


Why do you think we dressed up like this?  Because the outfits were cute?  I don't think so.

I left the house today to pick up a few things: groceries, maybe a Christmas present or two, a gift for the toy drive. I ended up getting quite a few toys for the toy drive. I tend to donate the most to the Northern Arizona Law Enforcement/CASA Toy Drive (for obvious reasons) & it was a big event for us at my old store.

Out on my walk a little later in the day I had a few thoughts about donating to toy drives & how awesome it is to make a kids day. I was thinking how fabulous it would be to donate bikes & most a $60 purchase...and how that purchase would affect me & even you. You may be thinking $60 is too much to spend for a kid you don’t know, but consider this:

$60 is one dinner out for my family of 3 at a place like Chili’s
$60 is 6 trips to Starbucks for my husband & I
$60 is less than I spend on my water bill
$60 is 2 cases of beer
$60 is 1 trip to Target for junk I don’t need
$60 is random cash I waste on fast food, junk food, random unnecessary things

Just remember that $60 can make one child incredibly happy. Don’t you think it’s worth it?

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