Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My kiddo

Kendall & I have been getting along really well lately...knock on wood!  Oh, we still fight...let's not delude ourselves!  But things are so much more, hmmmm, level.  I don't think either one of us really gets where the other one is coming from (I swear I'm just being bossy when I'm trying to help!).  She's stubborn as a mule (wonder where she gets that from, ha!).  Super opinionated (fine, blame me!).  And really fun to be around. 

Lately we've been "bonding" over the TV show One Tree Hill.  We're about 50 episodes into 170 of them.  And we are both addicted!  What's really funny is that we both hold it over each others heads to get the other one to do something.  "No OTH if you don't get your homework done."  "Mom, don't mention tutoring again or we won't watch OTH."  haha.  It's pretty entertaining around here.  But hey, I'm the mom of a 17 year old daughter & she actually wants to spend time with me?  How cool is that?

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