Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Fall & Rise of Santa

We got home around 10:00 pm on Friday night to find our blow up yard Santa had been slain. 
Santa was stabbed 6 or so times.  Someone definitely had a beef with Santa!  All our other lawn blow ups were perfectly fine (Frosty & a tree).  Don had a melt down of epic proportions.  If you know my husband, he's as level headed as they come.  He does not have melt downs.  He just doesn't.  But seeing Santa murdered on the front lawn sent him over the edge.  Thankfully, my mom is a sewing genius & she fixed him right up!

Now we don't have to cancel Christmas (told you he was mad!) 

Santa is proudly standing once again!

It should be noted that we are all a little on edge now.  The whole time we were at the parade we were worried that Santa's killer would come back & get him again.  We let out a big sigh of relief when we got home & he was standing proud.  His lights don't work anymore but we're hoping to fix that today.

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