Saturday, December 3, 2011

Captain America & Klout

There is a social media website called Klout that rates your interaction with others via social media activities such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Klout rates the topics you discuss on your social media & tells you which topics you are influential in.  When I signed up, Klout told me that I was influential in Flagstaff, photography & Captain America.  Which I found to be awesome!  But depending on what things you talk about, your Klout influences can change.  I was dismayed to find out that mine changed to Flagstaff, food & moms.  Not that I don't love talking about food & talking about being a mom.  I just thought it was super cool to be influential in Captain America, whom I love.  So now we're going to bring Captain America back to my influential topics list!
This happens to be my favorite Captain America photo.  And I'm sure you'll think I'm kidding, but at work, my background on my monitors is a slideshow of Captain America photos from the Windows Live library.  They rotate on my background throughout the day & make me quite happy.

Please understand that my love of Captain America really has nothing to do with the comic book.  I've never read it.  I just happen to like Chris Evans...he's the "flame on!" dude from the Fantastic Four movies.  He just seems sweet & down to earth.  And he's a hottie!  Plus, the movie was very entertaining.  I love how they made him super tiny & then this amazing super hero.  I know, silly, but it keeps me entertained!

But when it comes to superheroes I am a fickle girl & soon they will start talking about the new Batman: The Dark Night Rises movie (which I just found out will be released on my birthday!), which will take Captain America's place.  And hopefully I'll be able to say I am influential in Batman!  It's good to have goals, don't you think?

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