Tuesday, December 6, 2011



At the moment I am camera-less.  I feel like I'm missing something very I'm constantly forgetting something.  But alas, it had to go to the camera doctor...what feels like months ago.  Really, it's only been a few weeks.

See that spot to the left of Don's head?  Its on every photo I've taken for months.  I thought it was processing...I didn't really pay attention to it.  Then I got the bright idea that there was lint on my image processor.  And I cleaned it.  As instructed by a random website.  Note to self:  don't do that again.  First of all, you should never touch your image processor.  Who knew?  I think in January I might have know, the first time I sent it in.  But my brain conveniently forgot that detail.  So I used some lens cleaning solution (for eyeglasses, mind you) & a cotton swab, as directed, & got to cleaning.  I just made matters worse.  I got the spot to go away.  And created about 100 more.  I'm exaggerating but I certainly didn't fix the problem.

 Horrible photo 10/29/11 being used to illustrate horrible spot.


So for now, all of my photos are taken with my phone.  And while they are fun & funky, I miss my Nikon.  It may be old & battered, but I do love it.  Here's hoping it's back for the light parade this weekend!


(There's something to be said for busy backgrounds...they make the spots disappear!)

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