Thursday, October 6, 2011


One of my favorite customers was an older gentleman named Luis. Luis is a tiny, sweet man who lives in the Valley and is OBSESSED with all things Halloween. He's also a ghost hunter.  Luis would come into my store & spend an hour telling me about his latest adventure with the "ghosties".  He particularly loves going to Jerome at Halloween & staying in very specific rooms at the main hotel there.  He loves The Weatherford Hotel & The Museum Club, too.  Each time I saw him he would swear he had an encounter with a ghostie during his travels.  Luis loves Halloween even more than I do & he would buy every little Halloween thing in my store for his ghostie scrapbook.  We talked cameras, ghosties & the goofy things they do in Jerome for Halloween.

Such a sweet, sweet man.  Makes a girl almost miss her store.  Almost.


  1. Aww, nice memories... I remember walking around Jerome and hearing some of those haunted stories - never thought about spending Halloween there - WOW!