Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Probably the best...

I'm pretty hard on myself for the photos that I take.  My vision in my head & what come out of the camera never match up.  I expect myself to be so much better & then end up mad at the result.  Plenty of people think I take great photos...unfortunately, I'm not one of them.  But even I have to admit, this is probably the best photo I have ever taken.  I had a quick print made at Wal-Mart (the processing was awful by the way) & imagine my surprise when I pulled out what looked like a post card...
I may blow it up & hang it on my wall!  Don loved the elephant seals down the PCH the best on our trip.  Did you know they only come ashore 2 times a year?  We were lucky enough to see them when they came ashore to molt.  And did you know that male elephant seals weigh up to 5,000 pounds?  The females only weigh up to 500 pounds.  Fascinating stuff, I tell you!


  1. Beautiful detail and sharp focus! I'd make a print if it were my photo.

  2. Beautiful! But I am in the camp of thinking you take amazing pictures.