Saturday, August 13, 2011

A busy little weekend

My Uncle Bob came up to visit last weekend from Tucson.  I don't get to see him much, which is a bummer, so we packed a lot of stuff into two days. 

Saturday morning we woke up early (for him, I think!) and went for a hike around Kendrick Trail. 

I say around Kendrick Trail, because once again, we missed a trail head.  The funny thing?  It was to the right of this sign.  We ended up following the green line to FR 171 & realized that we had gone the wrong way.  Headed back to the car & saw the trail head...right next to the car.  So don't count on us for directions, that's all I'm sayin'. 

Even though we were on the wrong path, we had a lovely 10-12 mile hike.  Audra brought Dutch along & he was so excited he could barely contain himself!

Maggie loved having a friend along.

After the hike, we parted ways with Audra & picked up my dad & Kendall to head to the Grand Canyon.  Not typically a place I want to go on a Saturday, but Kendall participated in an art show on her Grand Canyon Youth river trip & we wanted to see her pictures.

Hers is the butterfly.  Plus, she took an awesome photo in the canyon & wrote a nice poem.  The girl has talent that she never even knew she had!

And really you cannot go to the Grand Canyon & not SEE the canyon, so we hiked a little trail to check it out.  If you ask my dad, it was five miles in the sweltering heat.  Really, it was maybe a mile, and yeah, it was a little warm.

That's my Uncle Bob on the left and my dad on the right. 

My husband likes to scare me half to death because I'm afraid of heights.  He thinks it's hysterical that my knees go weak & I want to collapse at the idea of being near the edge.  So what does he do?  He goes to the edge.  Before I had a melt down I got a couple of cool photos:

Kendall looks all grown up now...{heavy sigh}.

And she looks nothing like me.  It's ok.  I've come to accept it.

After a whirlwind trip to the canyon we went to my brother's house for a BBQ.  I should have gotten all sorts of photos, but I was so dang tired all I managed was a photo of Ray taking a photo of me, taking a photo of him:

Ray thought it was hysterical!

We had family breakfast at my mom's the next morning, which is pretty chaotic.  The food is delightful & my brother & I rarely fight at it.  (Mostly, we fight at his house...this time because I told him he couldn't shoot a deer...but that's another story for another time.)  It was such a good weekend...a whirlwind but so much fun! 

Uncle Bob, it IS always crazy at family gatherings...I hope we didn't scare you off!  As a matter of fact, I hope you come back soon...there are many more trails for us to find!

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  1. I miss trail heads too. They need to have big yellow signs or something. I feel like they are meant for the sort of people who have maps or GPS or infallible internal navigation devices and don't need trail heads anyway. ;)