Sunday, August 28, 2011


yellow jackets...I have no idea what these little suckers are.  But I can tell you that each summer they infiltrate Kendall's old sand box.  I'm sure you're thinking that we should just get rid of the sand box.  Well, if you'd like to help us move 19 tons of sand (totally not kidding!) then buy all means, come on over.

They live in the sand.  I think, anyway.  We've never found a nest.  They dig holes all over the sand & there are so many, we are hesitant to use the trampoline.

They also dig up the dirt between our pavers.  When they're busy, you'll actually see sand flying out behind them.  It's crazy.

We've called an exterminator to come out & he said that they don't deal with bees.  But if you sign a contract for us every three months, we'll fill your sand box with toxic chemicals that maybe will work & maybe they won't.  It's so frustrating...

I tried that cool glass jar to catch them

Pretty?  Yes.  Does it work?  No.  Unless you like to catch nats...& then have it fill up with disgusting maggots.

Looking for solutions if you have any, please leave me a comment!  The bees are so bad that we're having Kendall's birthday party at her Aunties house.  Well, that & now I don't have to clean, so it's win-win!

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