Saturday, July 30, 2011


Summer brings to mind beautiful days, splendid nights & bountiful fresh fruits & vegetables.  We picked up these strawberries at a farmers market in Oxnard, California.  I have never tasted a strawberry so good!  I had no idea they could be so delicious!  Don't get me wrong, I've eaten strawberries forever, but when compared to these, well, there is no comparison!

I plan on blogging a little each day about our amazing five day, 2000 mile road trip to California, I promise.  I've been busy helping my friend with her shop (she moved it & changed cool!) so there hasn't been much time to even download my photos (over 700!).  But her shop is moved, life is back to normal & I'll be getting into my routine again.

So many things to tell you...

Monday, July 18, 2011

We're back

Sad that our trip is done...we had so much fun! I have lots of photos to post & stories to tell.  But I'll leave that for another day.  This was our last night at Mandalay Beach...stunning...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scrapbooking on the road...

We're having a blast on our road trip! I made this fun travel scrapbook before we left & its been really easy to stick stuff in as we go.  And the Fuji Instax Mini camera I have has been awesome to have along!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tree Hugger

Yosemite National Park.  Had the best time hiking among the huge sequoias! Best part of the trip far.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wind Turbines

Outside Palm Springs. Its just bizarre! They're everywhere! Its kinda something out of an alien movie. 

Captain America

I love him (well,  the Chris Evans version anyway)!  Imagine my surprise when I found Captain America donuts at a Dunkin Donuts just outside Phoenix...sweet!

California or bust!

Heading out on a "random" road that I'm trying really, really hard not to plan.  Made a scrapbook to keep little tidbits in as we go.  I'll take photos along the's going to be fun!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is what happens when I have wine while posting....

I have been MIA lately...from everything.  We've had so much stuff happen in just a short period of time that, well, I didn't want to talk to any of you.  I know, rude, right?  I'll leave out the drama & just say that the Universe thought that I was made of money for a couple of weeks.  And I am not.  It was flat out rude how much we had to pay out.  Made me grumpy during a time when I should have been thrilled (Kendall was on the river).  I'm sure my husband was wondering what he signed up for.  Good thing he's the one I married & he just takes it in stride...

Last weekend I got to go to Starr Pass Resort in Tucson with a couple of my girlfriends. 

 Beautiful resort!

Right outside our hotel room...where the God damn doves do not shut up!  I have dove issues (they coo down my chimney at home...all day & husband thinks it's lovely...drives me bat shit crazy!)
Just another angle from our room...
My friend Vickie thought it would be a great idea for us to go to the Making Memories Unforgettable Candy Shoppe Retreat.  MMU is a scrapbook store in Tucson & the retreat was a scrapbook retreat.  Sounds like fun, right? Well...I told Vickie from the start that I had no intention of scrapbooking.  I am burnt out.  Nine years of creating on demand & no way did I want to "waste" my weekend scrapbooking.  I'd go with her, I said, but only to share the room.  Vickie encouraged me to invite a few of my friends.  Mindy & Bridget jumped at the chance to go.  And that meant that I had to sign up for the retreat part too...damn it! 

I took exactly enough stuff to  make two, two page layouts (ones for the store I used to own) and what I thought were 36 cards I was making for my friend Kim (ended up that I left 1/2 of them at home).  On Friday when we got there we got right to work "creating".  I think I created more of a disturbance than anything else.  But after much bitching about the product I had to use for my page I created my two page layout.  (I hate yellow...and this paper was full of yellow).  I didn't like it.  But I guess I never do...well crap, now I think I need therapy...  Anyway, they talked me into entering my ugly page into the hourly page contest.  And I won.  Can you believe that?  Me...who didn't want to scrap at all...with paper I hated...won the damn contest.  Go figure.

One page was all I had in me, quite honestly.  I was there for cocktails & the pool.  I wanted to see a sunset & a sunrise (too lazy to actually follow through on that).  I worked out with Bridget & Mindy on Saturday & some how we lost Mindy...and then went and stared at everyone else working on their scrapbook stuff. 

1.  I have never seen so many cricuts in my life.  
2.  I have never seen so many pregnant women in my life.  I think Mindy counted 22...out of 50 scrappers.   No shit.  

Some how we got to talking about Smash Books with my best friend Darci (an inside joke!)

and how we haven't seen them in any scrapbook stores & they're out of 'em online...hint, hint if you own a store & you're reading this, they're freakin' awesome!

And that got me to thinking that I should make my own for this totally random road trip that my husband & I are taking tomorrow (I'll show you photos of it from the's so cool!)  Which led Mindy & I on a trip to MMU. 

Just a cool church on the way to the scrapbook a stop light.
$60 & some seriously cool scrapbook stuff later, I had found my mojo!  I made our road trip book in no time flat!  I took a 8x8 We R Memory Keepers "Travel Light" scrapbook & bunches of coordinating paper, cut them funky sizes & punched holes in them to make my book (no page protectors here!) and wahlah! my book was done!  I'm not was done in like, 1 hour.  Then Mindy & I headed to the pool for sun & cocktails.  Some little 10 year old boy floated behind us in the lazy river & dumped water on Mindy every time he passed fun!

We had dinner at the hotel...lovely burgers & cactus fries...they tasted like zucchini.  I took a walk with Vickie & her daughter, Allison, in the dark, mind you, in the damn desert, where there had been a bobcat sighting...just sayin'...  I'm sorry, but yes I screamed just a little when we saw a bull frog...gross!  Then back to scrapping for just a bit before bed time.  I was certain I was going to get up and watch the sunrise.  I put clothes in the bathroom, got my stuff ready...then sometime around 2 am I thought to heck with this & shut off the alarm.  So no sunrise for me....

My Uncle Bob lives in Tucson & met me at the resort for breakfast.  We had such a nice time talking about all sorts of things.  So many things that we were just finishing up three hours later!  I had Bridget snap a photo of us:
Seriously have to work on standing up straight (me, not him)
When Uncle Bob & I were done, it was time to head up the hill. 

All in all, I had a fabulous time!  I have some pretty fabulous friends!  I scrapbooked two, two page layouts (I fogot to mention that I couldn't make the cards because the dang ink kept running...grrr...) & I made a book for our random road trip.  I count that as successful!

Vickie, me, Mindy & Bridget

 I am so glad I went...thank you ladies for a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 30: Self Portrait (Me)

I've enjoyed the 30 Day Photography Challenge!  It's made me take lots of photos I wouldn't have otherwise taken.  During a time where I suspect my camera would just collect dust. 

Day 29: Black & White (Me)

To Protect & Serve. 

Day 28: Flowers (Me)

I love street art with a purpose.  Art that is intended to beautify an area, not disgrace it.  Our southside area can be rough at times.  But in the midst of the rough, there is beauty.
I just love this wall!

30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 27: From a Distance (Me)

All roads lead to home.  My very first thought when I saw this photo. 

30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 30: Self Portrait (Audra)

above all, watch with glittering eyes, the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are hidden in the most unlikely places.
Thank you Kirsten for letting me participate and loading a months worth of photos!  You are definitely one in a million!

Day 29: Black & White (Audra)

the magic of ordinary days
the balloons were delivered the next morning to dawn's house for her children with a note that read - have a fun day! 

Day 28: Flowers (Audra)

A bouquet of Lillies that make the house smell incredible. 

Day 27: From a Distance (Audra)

as far as comfort goes, there is no place like home.

Day 26: Close Up (Audra)

dutch's dog tag
if my dreams came true - bones would rain from the sky

Day 25: Something Pink (Audra)

every occasion needs a dose of cotton candy!

Day 24: Animal (Audra)

Part of Audra's Zoo, as Jeff refers to them.  I actually belly crawled, snapping photos every few inches, and yet, the picture I like the best is the squirrel in the tree - no belly crawling involved!

Day 17: Technology (Audra)

First I wanted to take a picture of my iPhone - oops - don't have one
Then I  thought, oh my iPad - don't have one of those either
I decided I lead a very non-technology life and the technology I do use is unglamorous things like a washing machine, dishwasher and how pretty are those?  So, here you have the radio in my car.  What makes it technology?  It is satellite radio and it is the best technology that I use everyday!  Commercial free and what seems like a million channels to chose from - simply LOVE it!