Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 4: Me (Something Green)

Day 4 of the 30 Day Photography Challenge  asked for something green.  I had lots of lovely ideas, but ended up settling on this:
I bought this little baby for myself for Mother's Day.  It's a Yellow Jacket Trap that I picked up at Warner's Nursery in Flagstaff.  Yesterday I pulled it out, filled it with some pineapple juice, a little dish soap & whatever that include bait thing was & hung it from a tree.  You see, we are attacked by yellow jackets all summer long.  They're vicious & mean.  They burrow in our humongous sand box.  We can't get rid of them.  The exterminator that came by said they don't do yellow jackets unless you sign a 3 month contract.  To heck with that! Plus, who wants to shoot toxic chemicals into the sandbox, you know the one where the kids play & the dogs poop.  So for now, we'll try to lure them with pineapple juice & see how it goes...

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