Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 13: Yourself with 13 Things (me)

Notice that I didn't do a photo with 13 things.  You see, I'm superstitious, stupidly so, & I despise the number 13.  The only good thing about the number 13 is my mother's birthday.  And she's a very, very good thing!  I've struggled with what to to take the photo...and settled on:  I don't wanna.  Very, very adult!  But hey, I'll humor you & tell you 13 things about me (or maybe 14, I really do not like the number 13!)

1.  I am so very, very happy to no longer be self employed.
2.  That said, having a boss again is very, very difficult.
3.  I don't suffer from allergies but am sick to death of the pollen that is coating every surface everywhere.
4.  I enjoy long walks with my bff Audra & my dog Maggie.
5.  I hate to run.  (and I've given it the good college try by running a 1/2 marathon...never again.)
6.  I knew I loved my husband the day I met him.
7.  My daughter drives me bat shit crazy, but I adore her.
8.  I don't enjoy cooking...not one little bit.  But I'm addicted to cooking shows & cookbooks!
9.  I have to eat gluten free, low sugar & processed food free for the next 3 months...starting today...and it pisses me off.
10.  I am ridiculously shy...until you get to know me...and then I'm likely the most opinionated person you've ever meet.
11.  My daughter says she gets her looks from her dad (she looks NOTHING like me)...and her attitude from me.  Unfortunately she doesn't possess a mute least mine is activate on occasion.
12.  I miss my friend Rachel...she can dish it out just as good as me.  We just get each other.
13.  I'm craving some alone time.
14.  I've decided to put off the photography class I wanted to take until the spring.  It's a financial decision.  I hate that my life is dictated by finances, but there you have it.

30 Day Photography Challenge

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  1. love your list. and you. and i miss you terribly.