Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 12: Sunset (Me)

I put off doing this photo a) because I don't really see the actual sun set from my back yard and b) I was too lazy to go somewhere else.  But today after I worked my regular job, I headed down to my fun job (Fizz Bath Shop) to work a few hours.  My initial intent was to take a photo of the sunset from downtown.  I should have tried...but when I was there, the setting sun was huge & blinding.  So then I headed to Buffalo Park thinking surely there would be an opportunity for a photo.  And there would have been...had I gotten out of the car.  So it turns out I was looking for a gorgeous sunset photo to take...from the car.  I gave up & was headed home...the sun was too far gone for a good photo, or so I thought.  I ended up just past my friend Kim's house when I turned around and saw this.  I think the white floaty things are lens flare, but hey, it's a perfectly acceptable shot, all from the comfort of my cute little car.

I have to thank White Peach Photography for issuing this 30 Day Photography Challenge.  I'm taking out my camera again after a brief hiatus & I'm enjoying taking all of these fun photos!

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