Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Pictures of My Dogs...Ever!

Well, at least two of the them.  It's amazing how uncooperative my three dogs are.  They see the camera & they run from the room.  But today I discovered that if I hold their favorite treats in my camera hand, well, they'll pose forever.
and look damn adorable doing it!  This is Ori.  He is our grumpy old man dog.  I'm sure he would prefer that he be in a one dog family.  Such is not his luck.  He's crotchety & cantankerous.  He demands your undivided attention.  At night, he crawls under the sheets to snuggle with you.  He acts like he's going to eat Dutch's face off every time he sees him, no provoking from Dutch.  But underneath that gruff exterior is a dog that just wants to be loved (he had a hard life before us).

And this is Mia.  She is my husbands favorite.  She's totally a terrier (a West Highland White Terrier, to be exact.)  She's the boss of all the dogs...all the people, too.  She costs us a fortune at the vet due to her Addison's Disease.  She's 10 or so...and right before her every three week steroid shot, she kinda peters out & makes us think the end is near.  Then she gets the shot & she acts like she's two.

We have another dog, Maggie.  You've seen her before in other posts.  You won't see her here today because, well, she was having none of the photo taking.  She's very shy, you see.  The camera is not her friend.  But that's ok.  She got her treat & she's a happy, happy dog!


  1. I love the picture of Mia! It's like she's got her antennas tangled! Did you forget to shave her ears… or did you do it on purpose? Ha, ha, ha!!! The photo tickles me every time I see it! :-)