Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Don & I were so excited that we got to go to the Styx concert at Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde this past Saturday!  They're a band I loved in high school.  I was introduced to them in 7th grade by my 9th grade boyfriend Toby.  That obviously didn't last, but my love for Styx did!

Yeah, I even splurged & got the concert t's. 

I think we were the youngest people there.  There was an older lady at the end of our row, sitting there quietly, all pretty in her flowing dress & fur wrap.   When the music started she went into the aisle & started dancing freestyle, with her eyes closed, oblivious to anyone around her.  I'm sorry to say, it was kinda funny...  And then there was the dude with the scrawny arms & the beer belly who thought he was hot stuff.  He pranced around with his chest puffed up & his arms like wrestlers do (trying to show muscles).  The only muscles he had were in his head.  But it was something to giggle over!

Such a different experience than concerts from my youth!  Those were like big mosh pits, with people pushing to the stage & smashing you.  When you're older, everyone kinda just hangs out in front of their seats.  It's pretty nice!
That's Tommy Shaw on the far right.  He is an awesome performer!  All of them are great, but they are all replacements to the original Styx members.  On the way home from the concert I googled Styx & found out all sorts of things (all of which I'm sure are perfectly true).  The info on Wikipedia is fascinating! 

Don & I really had the best time!  Except for some weird song (The Beatles I am the Walrus) I loved every bit of it!  Here's a little Renegade for your listening pleasure. 

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  1. Oh I am so glad you commented me because now I know where your blog is. I was actually thinking about you the other day because I could have sworn I saw your mini cooper driving around in my neighborhood! I couldn't get close enough to read if it was a "Mini Mead" or not. And yes, I remember that. Thanks for the biting empathy. And the beard empathy haha.