Monday, May 16, 2011

Stressing out...what else is new, right?

It's Bike to Work Week & I spent the last week spouting off how I was going to ride my bike to work (who wouldn't!) every day this week.  On Sunday, Don, Audra & I hopped on our very dusty bikes (they've been sitting in the shed over the winter) & headed down Butler to find the best path, with the least amount of traffic.  The route wasn't too bad, but I'm seriously afraid of cars, because they seriously don't care about bike riders.  So we headed back my favorite way, down the urban trail.  Turns out that it only adds 10 minutes to the trip.  It's pretty.  And there are no cars.  No brainer, right?  Uh, yeah...

Today my work hours changed to 7:30 to 4:30.  Figuring it would take 45 minutes to get to work on my bike, I thought we needed to leave by 6:30.  Naturally, we left late (we being Don & I...Don rode to his work) 6:35.  This morning the trail was HARD.  I felt like I was pedaling through mud.  My ass hurt from the day before (saddle sore).  My thighs burned.  My lungs burned.  And there was a damn head wind that felt like it was pushing me backwards.  I spent the whole ride apologizing to my husband for being so slow.  We parted ways at the PD & I headed to my job.  I should have been there by 7:15...7:20 at the latest.  Imagine my surprise when I showed up there at 7:30 am on the dot.  In all my bike riding **not business** attire.  Crap.  One of my supervisors walks the cubicles to make sure we're on time (seriously...what am I?  12?) and was standing beside mine.  Just kinda bummed me out that it took me so long...and made me dread 4:30 when I had to get back on the dang bike.

But I got back on.  The alternative was walking my bike home.  I guess I could have called Kendall, but I'd never live that one down.  Now my ass hurts even worse.  But thankfully, the wind was at my back.  It was still windy...40-50 mile an hour gusts that damn near took me down.  I think I swallowed a bug.  Maybe two.  And it took me 50 minutes to get home.  I know, I know.  I just need to give myself time to build up to being fast, but if any of you know me, I'm not the most patient girl around.  I'm supposed to ride to work tomorrow & I'm ready to give up already.  But I'll go...unless it snows.

So I'm already in a funk...feeling crappy about myself...and now I have to ask the bank to extend a reduced payment on my business loan, you know for that business I no longer own.  It turns out that I need to make more money.  A lot more money.  Things are tight already & if I can't get them to extend my lowered payment for a year, I'm not sure what I'll do. I suck at budgeting but I'm trying really hard to make a budget & stick to it.  I don't want to be a slave to debt forever.  And while this is stressful & flipping me out a little bit, I absolutely do NOT miss owning the store.  So don't even go there.  This is no where near store owning stress.  Not at all.  I mean, come on, I type all day while listening to Dexter.  How bad can it be?  (Although a funny side note about the store, when I was there teaching Saturday, I saw "my stuff" all around & felt oddly ripped off.)

I'll get over myself.  I'll love riding my bike again (once my ass stops hurting, I'm sure!).  The debt will get paid off.  And one day I'll look back on this and wonder why I let all this stupid stuff stress me out.  I feel better already.  Thanks for listening :)

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  1. I didn't get to meet you last night at the Tweetup but I have enjoyed reading the parts of the blog that I read when I got home last night. The "seat butt" takes me about a week to get used to. Reference your "about" info, don't worry, I write at least one blog post a week and I don't think anyone reads it most weeks but I like writing it and tweeting it so don't stop writing.