Monday, May 9, 2011

I Love You This Much!

My mom gave me this for Mother's Day.  Totally love her!  I had a class at the store a while back (you know, when I still owned it) with Jenny Hernandez, aka The Polka Dot Pixie.  Jenny taught a group of us how to make her adorable paper clay snowmen.  Mine has a place of honor in my craft room.  My mom never finished hers.  Now if you know my mom, she dances to the beat of her own drummer, creatively speaking.  So when she decided to finish her snowman, well, this clever girl came out of it!  I love, love, love her!  (my mom and the girl!)  I didn't realize til I got home that she had filled the base with sand, a starfish & fortune cookie fortunes.  What a treat!
Clever, right?

I just love my mom! {smooch}

Did you notice the girl has butt cheeks?  Hahaha!  I will never forget when I was a teenager & my mom was making what she called "Fugly" Dolls.  And she was making them anatomically correct.  Uh, yeah.  At least one of them was, anyway, so in my mind, they all were.  I was so offended...embarrassed.  I had no idea what she was thinking!  Now, I think it's hilarious!  I'll have to find mine & post a photo.  Pretty sure she spared me & mine is not anatomically correct...whew!


  1. Love, Love, Love you, too, Sweet Cheeks! :-)
    (and I love the bird you gave me,too!)
    Hugs & Kisses, Mom

  2. I like the snowman head you made too! That was cute!