Monday, April 11, 2011

A Little Scare...

One of the horrible things about being a mother is seeing your kid sick or hurt.  Doesn't matter if you were furious with them a few minutes all melts away when you realize that they are hurt.  It's a knot in your stomach.  And your heart feels like it's being crushed.  And this was just a minor injury.

You see, Kendall was babysitting her cousins, Ryan & Analise, Sunday morning at our house.  Because Kendall was babysitting, not me, I left to run my Sunday morning errands.  She said she'd be fine.  Why wouldn't she?  So I went & visited Don at work...went to Kohls.  Even talked to her a few times on the phone.  As I'm leaving Kohl's I get this phone call:

Kendall:  "Mom, I'm sorry, but Analise spilled her chocolate milk on the table & it ruined your Bunny invitations.  I tried to clean it up, but they're ruined."

Me (a, irritated):  "Kendall, really, why didn't you clean the stuff of the table before you put the kids at it?  It was covered with stuff & you should have known they'd make a mess.  They're little kids!"

Kendall (now crying):  "I know mom, I'm so sorry.  But I have to go clean up my arm.  There's blood all over it."

Me:  "Blood?  I thought they spilled chocolate milk?  What's going on?"

Kendall:  "I ran upstairs to get a towel to clean up the mess & when I ran down the stairs I missed a step & hit my arm on the stairs."

Me:  "Are you ok?  Do I need to come home?"

Kendall:  "I'm fine.  I just really hurt my arm."

Me:  "I can come home.  If you're ok, why are you crying so hard?"

Kendall:  "I'm sorry about the invitations, mom..."

(I was a little irritated about the invitations, but I said that already, right?  I feel bad about that...she feels bad about that...)

(a few more rounds of this...)

Kendall:  "I'm fine. Dad will be home in a few minutes."

(15 minutes later)

Don:  "Just letting you know I'm going to take Kendall to the ER."

Me:  "What?!"

Don:  "She hit her arm pretty hard & can't move her wrist, I think its broken."

(Now I feel like the worst mother on the planet.  Awful. Unfeeling.  I cannot believe I almost yelled at her...thank goodness I wasn't that heartless...)

So I rushed home & grabbed Kendall & took her to the ER.  Don stayed home with the kids.  Several hours, xrays & tears later, it is not broken.  Just bruised & battered.  Every time the nurses or doctor touched her arm & made her cry I had to choke back tears & the urge to punch them in the face.  She was so miserable.  But then I cheered her up by taking her photo.  You know how much she loves that!
As of today, one day later, it's still hurting.  And she wimpers like a puppy when she accidently hits it on something.  But it's going to be just fine.  And so are we.


  1. oh no! this is terrible...i am glad she is ok. but your story made me giggle because i could actually hear the phone convo in my head. ;)

  2. I can imagine. :( Sending lots of healing vibes her way - hopefully it's pain-free as I am reading this.

  3. she is on the mend...taking longer than we would hope, but a 4 day field trip to california, which included disneyland, will do that to you.