Saturday, April 30, 2011

All over the place

(tulips in front of my house...I'd like to say I planted them, but no, they came with the house 16 years ago...but man, I love 'em!)

I've been slacking on the blogging lately.  It's not that there hasn't been anything blog worthy.  I'm sure there has been, although I'm hard-pressed to remember what that might be at the moment.  I'm a blogger who likes to have photos with every post.  I feel like I'm cheating my three readers when I don't have one.  I just haven't been taking that many photos lately.

In my defense, I type 8 hours a day at work.  In the six weeks I've worked there, I have developed pretty bad pain in my right hand.  It's not carpal tunnel.  I am actually not sure what it is.  But I did some research online, and well, you know how accurate that can be!  I've self diagnosed myself with ulnar nerve entrapment.  You know, with that non-medical degree that I have.  Luckily, they did ergonomic evaluations of our work stations last week & they put in for me to have a new chair, a new keyboard & a keyboard tray.  Hopefully that will help.  And then my blogging will get better.

So what's been going on?  I haven't been scrapbooking, not since Sedona, anyway.  I've been walking a lot.  I had dinner out with my co-workers from when I worked at the doctors office years ago (so fun!).  And I had dinner out with Audra, Mindy, Kelly & Janet at Cuvee 928.  I cheated on my gluten free lifestyle (because seriously, what kind of fun is that?) and had the pesto fennel macaroni & cheese...OH MY GOD it was flippin' FANTASTIC!  And Don & I went to see the Green Hornet at Prochnow Friday night (free tickets from work....and free popcorn & soda when we got there!).  That movie is just ridiculous, by the way.  Oh, and today, I started my first day of work with Kim at Fizz Bath Shop, which you all know I love & adore.  Tomorrow we're headed to Sedona for some hiking (hopefully sans wind).  So yeah, I guess I've been busy.  Gotta start taking my camera with me again...

I've been wanting to change my blog header for a springy look...but have forgotten how to do it.  Maybe I'll figure that out tomorrow.  Silly girl, I know.

A few posts ago I told you about how I was listening to books on cd while I type.  Well, I have discovered that I can catch up on all of my tv shows & movies, too!  I can't watch them, but I can listen to them.  So I've listened to the whole first season of Drop Dead Diva, some episodes of Vampire Diaries, Bones & Modern Family, listened to the movies Easy A & Peggy Sue got married...and I'm quite enjoying it!  I do find it easier to listen to something where I've seen the characters before, but hey, I'm not picky!  I like it so much better than listening to music all day.  (Although I've discovered I adore Glee music, Colbie Calliat and Sara Barellis.) 

My hand is all tingly again, so it's time to catch up on my Google Reader.  I have 370 unread posts.  Sweet.  Sometimes I just want to hit "mark all as read" and start over.  But then I might miss something.  Talk to you later!

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