Sunday, March 20, 2011

Working Out

My sister in law, Brenda, turned me on to the Biggest Loser workout dvd's.  She was telling me how fabulous they were & said we were going to do it every day while I was in San Antonio (um, does one day count?)  We did this one:
And let me tell you, my thighs burned the next day.  There is some serious lunging in the Power Sculpt dvd.  For the record, I think very unflattering thoughts of workout dvd's....lame comes to mind.  This dvd was a great workout!  Lots of functional moves.  Now you have to realize, I only did one workout & the dvd contains a bunch.  Look out!  Actually, it was so good that I was inspired to use Kendall's nook & order three more dvd's at  Seriously. (they're cheap)

Because I knew the workouts with Brenda were looming, before we left I bought The Last Chance Workout and Bob Harper:  Pure Burn Strength.  Now ask me if I did them.  (nope)

You see, I just bought new clothes.  And I'm not happy about the size (at all).  And I just got back from our family vacation & saw the photos (cringe).  I start a new job tomorrow.  So why not a new exercise program?  Coupled with better eating.  Why not just start everything brand new & give my mind something else to obsess about all night?  What the hell, maybe I should just jump on the scale, too!  I have no idea what the real number is...maybe I don't want to know...

Tonight I thought I'd take The Last Chance Workout for a spin...OMG!  It was HARD!  In a good way, but hard, none the less.  Seems I have a long road ahead of me.  Oh, and I won't be poking fun at workout dvd's again.  Are you kidding me?  Now the dilemma is do I try the Bob Harper one tomorrow?  Can I handle it?

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