Sunday, March 27, 2011

Touch & Go

This week was the first week of my new job.  The first three days it was touch & go.  I went to work & was fine, but when I left?  So NOT fine.  Cried my eyes out, actually.  It's not the job.  I think I'm finally realizing that while I had felt like I had no freedom with the store & that it was smothering me, I had control.  Does that sound weird?  I mean, I couldn't control who came in & who didn't (damn it, don't I wish I had that kind of power!).  But I was in charge.  The decisions were mine.  I got to wear what I wanted...what was comfortable.  And I was working for me. 

Now?  Well, I have this really strict dress code, yet the only people we see are other employees.  Business casual for what amounts to data entry?  Are you kidding me?  The other employees are all really nice, but honestly, they're there for the benefits.  It's one of the reasons I flipped out the first three days.  Many of the employees that I met have only been there 2, 4, 6 months.  Out of about 30, there were maybe five or six who have been there over two years.  That's a huge turnover.  I'm not a turnover kinda girl.  I stick it out...until I get so fed up that I cannot stand it anymore.  That seems to happen around eight years.  Not months.

Friday, though, was awesome.  I finally got to try out a part of what my job will be.  And though it's data entry & you're sitting there thinking you'd rather pull your eyeballs out with toothpicks, I actually really enjoyed it.   It's a good start, right?  And it made such an improvement on my attitude to like what I was doing...whew!  It was touch & go for a few days, but you know what?  I'm gonna do just fine.


  1. I am sending lots of good thoughts your way.

  2. Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY can relate to this after this week. I started a temp job in Denver and while I didn't have to report until 10, I absolutely loathed being told when I could have lunch and having to drive in rush hour traffic at the end of the day. Oh, and not having the proper tools to do my job and having any control over it.

    I'm hoping that next week perks up for you though!