Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shopping for Clothes

Thanks to suggestions by some of my Facebook friends I headed down to the Valley yesterday to shop for some new work clothes.  I enlisted my cousin for help & we tackled some shops at Scottsdale Fashion Square.  I have to say, this was the best shopping trip I've ever had!  Why?  Because the sales clerks were SO helpful!  I told them what I was looking for & they pulled all sorts of clothes for me to try on.  Seriously, I've never experienced anything like that! 

I tried on a whole bunch (and I mean a whole BUNCH!) of stuff at Anthropologie.  I think that what I like about Anthropologie is their eclectic taste in books, dishes & linens.  The clothes are just not for me.  Didn't buy a thing.

I had my first success at White House/Black Market, much to my surprise.  I thought I couldn't afford anything in there & had never once even been in the door.  I ended up with a beautiful skirt & a matching sweater.  Love, love, love the skirt!

(photo from White House Black Market)  Here's the sweater:

(photo from White House Black Market)

As suggested, I tried Banana Republic & found a shirt I adore.  The pants there?  Um, no.  I mean they were ok, but they didn't have much of a size selection & told me repeatedly that I'd need to order others online.  Nothing like making a girl feel fat.  So just the shirt came home.
(photo from Banana Republic)
I tried other stores...without much luck.  I've put on a few pounds since I sold my store & even on the best of days I end up beating myself up over my size.  Try spending a whole day trying on hundreds of items of clothing.  It was tough.  I tried really hard not to go down that road.  And mostly I was successful.  My cousin helped.  This just wasn't a size I hoped to ever see again....sigh, life goes on.

I tried on the best pants ever at Ann Taylor.  LOVED them.  Each & every pair was dry clean only.  I am morally opposed to dry cleaning.  I think it's a waste of money.  The chemicals are bad for the environment.  Don't even get me started.  I know, there are some things you just have to dry clean, I just didn't want to own any of them.  As a side note, not one thing I purchased was dry clean.  Woo hoo!  So Ann Taylor was a bust.

With no minutes to spare (we had to pick up Jen's kids) we ventured into Talbots.  Another store I never considered shopping at.  Audra told me I should give them a chance, and since she knows all things fashion, that's where I went.  And I hit the mother load!  They were having a great sale ($20 off every pair of pants!) and the sales clerk was so helpful!  She brought me a ton of stuff to try on.  I tried stuff on so quickly that it should be an olympic sport.  I ended up with one clearance shirt ($13...the score of the day!) four pairs of work pants & one pair of just because I loved them pants.   Had we had more time, I likely would have pared it down to just one or two pairs.  But I'm not sad that I have such fabulous pants to wear now (well, a little sad...).
(photo from Talbots) Got them in mink & navy. 

I can't copy the picture for these, but got them too.  And the fun pair here.

Ohhh...I found some shoes at the Nordstrom Rack store this morning:
(photo from

Sofft shoes are always super comfy & cheaper than what you'll see on the link (by a LOT).

(photo from

These Naya shoes are so soft!  They are padded on the inside like the Sofft shoes.  The heel is nice & low & again, they were WAY cheaper at Nordstrom Rack than on this link (by $80!).  And they're so cute!

Other than a few shirts from here & there (H&M, Macy's) that about sums it up.  I spent a fortune & I had HUGE buyers remorse all last night.  As a matter of fact, I wanted to take it all back this morning, much to my husband & cousin's grave dismay.  (I took back almost everything I had bought in Flagstaff).  But I seriously had nothing to wear to work...nothing appropriate.  I feel really, really guilty about it.  I'll get over it....but damn.  I think the clothes are all dressy enough for business casual...or even just business...& can also go casual if the office is more informal.  They are practical, good quality clothes.  And I'm gonna look so good in them! 

And to thank my four readers for reading all the way to the bottom, I'll share an embarrassing story with you.  This morning I was leaving Macy's after returning a pair of shoes that I didn't love & I held the door open for a lady with her hands full.  I walked out in front of her & she said, "Excuse me, ma'am, I don't mean to offend you if this is your style, but did you know your dress is on inside out?"  Um, no, no I did not.  I damn near died...


  1. My blog doesn't seem to like my best friends I'll post it for her :)

    Inside out - was that a flashback trend for the 80's? Isn't that when clothes were purposely worn inside out? Remember - the torture ends when you love what you put on each morning and don't rush to take it off each evening! As for knowing all things fashion - today I again - have on a fleece Old Navy top with a pair of dress slacks - because that is what makes it office appropriate - that and a pair of heels! Audra

  2. that is AWESOME. and all of your clothes are beautiful. you did well.