Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scrapbooking, again...

I'm teaching a class at my former store March 12th called Year in Review.  Each month we use photos from the previous month to create a two page layout.  If you take all 12 classes, you end up with an album that at least has a representation of the past year, even if you don't scrap another photo.  Here's my layout:

I am awful about taking photos January through April...every year.  At least I'm consistent!  I had plenty of snow photos from our sledding trip, but the paper was ordered before it snowed & this just did not work with it.  Go figure...  So all of my photos are from Audra's birthday party at the bowling alley.  We had such a good time!  Everyone needs to bowl now & again!

I enjoy teaching this class.  It's a way for me to keep in touch with customers that I've come to enjoy.  It's an hour and a half of catching up, scrappin' & just having a good time.  And you get to use some pretty cool this case, Union Square from My Mind's Eye.  It's all glittery & it!

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