Saturday, March 12, 2011

San Antonio or bust!

Finally....a family vacation!  We have not gone on a family vacation together since 2007.  That's the year we went to much fun!   I did go to Oregon in 2009 for a long weekend...Don & I went to Colorado for two days in 2010...that's it.  Sounds kinda pathetic,  but that's what happens when you own your own business.  And its one of the many reasons selling the store was the right move for my family.

So we find ourselves on spring break headed to San Antonio to see Ron & Brenda (Don's brother & sister in law).  We're pretty excited!   Kendall has been there to visit them but this is our first time.  Kendall loves San Antonio...she adores her aunt & uncle...she's been begging for us to go visit them for a while.  So here we are, on our way...

Now to be totally honest, I didn't want to go.  I didn't want to spend the money on a ticket for me.  I didn't finish my immense to do list of everything I needed to accomplish before I start my new job.  And honestly, I was looking forward to some time alone.  So the past three days I have behaved pretty badly.  My husband refused to go on the trip without me, forcing me to go.  I've been taking it out on him...every little thing he's done the past couple of days has pissed me off.  Everything.   As I type this I'm thinking that an apology is in order.  I'm also finding myself more & more excited to go.  To do list be damned.  We'll have a great time (once I get over myself).  Vacations are fun,  right?  

I love my in-laws & we'll get to meet our new great nephew Jaxson.  Hopefully we'll see some touristy things & do lots of relaxing.  Take some photos. And not let that to do list nag at me...

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