Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Fashion has always been an issue for me.  I have no fashion sense.  Not ever in my life.  It is difficult & almost painful to shop for clothes.  I don't know how to accessorize.  I don't know how to make an outfit cute.  It was a little easier being at the shop because I could just wear whatever I grabbed out of my closet.  Didn't really matter what it looked like.  Well, it probably did, but I didn't care.  Now I'm starting a new job & what I have is a closet full of old, ill fitting clothes.

I've done a little shopping for this new's business casual.  Unfortunately, I'll be taking back most of what I purchased today.  I bought Dansko shoes like these:
And I bought a pair like these, too:
Kendall insisted that these go back.  Both pairs.

So why the ugly, practical shoes?  Because my feet hurt all the time.  I cannot wear heels.  I have had plantar fascitis off and on for the past six or seven years.  Then there's that breaking my foot episode last year...and in 2006 I fractured my right ankle.  Coupled with my size 10 (or even 11) feet, I just can't wear heels.  Every pair of Born's I tried on yesterday didn't fit.  (And I've worn Born's for years.)  But don't worry.  Practicality took over.  I cannot spend this kind of money on shoes that are that ugly...even if they are practical.

I bought this dress at Kohl's on Sunday.  Kendall hated it.  It's going back.

I also bought some dresses from Target.  I bought this one in black (big shock) and this one in black (again big shock).  Why these dresses?  Because I saw the first one on the Already Pretty website & she looked so cute!  But as I discovered last night, you can't just throw on a dress & look good.  You need to accessorize...and that my friends, is where I fail.  I did buy this sweater, too (in black), thinking that you always need a black cardigan.  I did score some cute tights at Dillards for $1.99 a pair.  I bought 3 pairs for myself & 1 pair for Kendall.

Bright brighten up all that black.  And $1.99?  Had to have them.

I posted on Facebook where should I go to look for clothes that are business casual & just about everyone said Banana Republic.  That's fine when you're tiny & petite...that is not me.  I tried on clothes at the outlet store in Anthem a month ago & it almost made me cry.  I'm thinking about going to Phoenix tomorrow & walking into Nordstroms & asking someone to please help me find something appropriate.  Something cute.  Something that makes me feel like I am not lame at dressing myself.

I'm drawn to Mod ClothAnthropologieAthleta.  How does one put together a wardrobe that is practical, affordable, flattering & stylish?  How does one find their own style?  This is so frustrating...


  1. I have a pair of Danskos on my birthday list... there are cute ones. Look at the Dansko web site.

  2. Ok. First, the Danskos are awesome. I have a black mary jane pair and brown pair similar to the black ones you have. Don't take them back. It is ok to not be "trendy". I think Danskos are timeless and worth the investment. They are comfortable, well-made, and I think they look very stylish.

    Second, I can't fit into anything from BR and very little from Anthro. BUT, you buy your clothes from Target and then buy yourself a couple of special accessories from the above mentioned stores...makes your outfit even more fabulous.

    Third, I love all of the dresses. The first patterned one? Put a big brown belt around the middle. The other 2? THe brightly colored tights like you mentioned plus fun accessories.

    You are ready!!!

  3. You are so much MORE than Black, Black, Black. As far as you don't know how to accessorize? Omgee... your scrapbooking pages are amazing.. So I truly have to question the validity of that statement. I don't honestly know your style of dress.. but I personally can see you pulling some Michelle Obama type stuff... she's a fun and great dresser. And you have similar body types. Don't stress out over this! Have fun, and step outside yourself and try IT ON... you never know what you'll look great in if you don't just try it. :) And if you LOVE it, keep it...

  4. Thanks everyone! I feel much better :) The Dansko's did go back...but I'll try them again once I get a few paychecks under my belt (I pay off yesterdays clothing splurge!). I have a wish list in my head already...

    Marian, really accessorizing is NOT my thing. I'm just no good at it. We stopped by this accessory store yesterday (cute & cheap) & it nauseated me to be in there. I think I just prefer it plainer...for now. I'll find my way...sooner or later...