Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have so many photos I want to post for you.  Images like this one...

But I've been a little busy.  You see, last week I decided to finally tackle that nasty photo project of mine.  The one where I had boxes & boxes of photos & memorabilia stacked up all over my craft room floor.  I'd been putting off dealing with it for a few years.  Ever since I switched all of my albums over to the ring albums with the 4x6 photo protectors.  I did most of it, but I worked on it for a huge amount of time & burned out before I finished.  I made myself actually clean my craft room before I started again & that was another bump in the road.  It was relatively clean before I sold the store, well, there was that pile of photos & memorabilia, but still....  Then I brought home pages & photos that I'd been storing at the store.  So I moved the pile for this project into the family room.  Here's what it looked like (this is a photo from my phone...not the best):
You're probably thinking that this doesn't look like much of a mess...ah, but it was!  There are at least 9 photo boxes filled with photos & memorabilia, two enormous boxes of scrapbook pages, two boxes filled with photo cd's, and one huge tub filled with who knows what.

So I took a great deal of this with me to the JLB crop on Saturday.  At one point I was so overwhelmed I grabbed a cocktail (Cosmopolitan) & just stared at the mess:
What did I accomplish?  Well, I ended up throwing away a huge bag filled with photos at the crop.  On Sunday when I worked on it some more at home, I threw away another huge bag filled with photos.  Made me sick.  They were duplicates, mostly.  I cannot believe that I wasted so much money processing all those photos only to throw them away.  Sigh...

I also managed to merge in a bunch of photos that were not duplicates into my albums.  And I merged in almost all of the scrapbook pages.  I didn't get them all in because I ran out of page protectors.  I'll have to get some more of those soon!

What do I have left, you might ask?  
  • I have a photo box filled with negatives that need to be put in negative sleeves (which I am out of) & put into the 3 ring binders that I use to store them.
  • I have a box of photos from the 1990's that I either need to merge into my scrapbooks or toss.
  • I have that HUGE tote filled with who knows what that I need to go through.  I know there's some important stuff in there...I accidentally found my social security card in there one time...
  • I have a few more pages to merge into the scrapbooks once I get more protectors.
And you know what?  I am never, ever again printing a duplicate photo!  When I process my photos, they are going directly into an album when I get them.  No more storing this stuff forever.  And something sad that I realized, I don't remember a lot of what was happening in the photos & most of the journaling I put off.  So from now on, I'm going to journal about the photos I take, whether it be here on my blog or in a notebook so I don't forget.  

Did I mention that I'm going to have this done before I start my new job on the 21st?  Oh, and that now I've added in transferring old video of Kendall to something we can actually view to my to do list.  That was a job I assigned to my husband years ago & it never got done.  I have no idea how to do it & thank heavens there's not much to do.  This trying to catch up with everything I've been putting off is exhausting!

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