Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have to admit it...I buy wine based on what the label looks like.  I have no idea what makes a good wine...what makes a bad wine...heck, I'm not too sure I even really like wine.  I've tried a few that were easy to dump down the drain (although it killed me to wash money down the drain).  A few I've really liked.  I had a couple glasses of Monk something or other merlot at Cuvee 928 the other night when I went out with Kim from Fizz Bathshop & I loved it!  But mostly, the wine I pick sucks.  I thought Layer Cake wine would be good, because hey, it's, no.  Cupcake wine is pretty good.  Rex Goliath?  I think there's a reason it's only $4.99 a bottle.  The wine I keep coming back to is this:

I love it.  Really.  The only place I've found it is Target.  And it used to be $8.99 a bottle, which for me, is pretty steep!  And now it's $11.99 a bottle, unless you can get it on sale.  It's so good it's worth it, but the frugal girl in me just hesitates (then regrets not) purchasing it every time.  As I type I'm sitting here enjoying every last sip of my Red Guitar.  I bought it for myself for Valentine's Day.  And it goes really, really well with the salted caramels my husband bought me.  Yum!


  1. Just remember, no one opens a bottle of vodka with the intention of drinking it all in one night . . .

  2. ass...I didn't drink the whole bottle...just one (really big) glass...