Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Trying to get myself on a schedule. One that includes exercising. It's been a while. I mean, I walk the dogs sometimes, but even that has gone somewhat by the wayside.  So what's a girl to do?  She loads up her iPod with cool Glee music, that's what!

It's hard not to keep working out when songs like these are coming at you!  I've gone two days in a row to the Aquaplex & both times I've not wanted to quit because I was enjoying my Glee.

I used my Google Calendar to make myself a list of everything I hope to accomplish before I start my new job at NAU.  The list is pretty big.  One of the things on it is that I'd like to get my craft room cleaned & organized.  When I left the store, I came home with a few boxes of pages & other miscellaneous things that really need to be put away properly.  Couple that with the boxes of memorabilia & photos that I've never dealt with & I have quite a mess.  I was going to do it today.  But I think I'll put that off til tomorrow.  Nothing like a little procrastination!

Another thing on my list is Menu Planning.  Anyone have any good ideas for meals that don't involve beef or pork?  I'm getting tired of the same 'ole thing week after week.  We're on a tight budget (don't even get me started about my tax bill...) & will be for the next year.  So I need cheap, healthy meals that my family won't balk at.

And I'm going to paint the living room.  Grey, I think.  I told my husband about it & he said, "so you're going to buy the paint & then I'm going to paint the living room, right?"  Well, now that you mention it....

Time to go make some lunch, read my Shape magazine & watch some trashy tv.  Ah, the sweet life!

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  1. chicken quesadillas are one of our favorite go to's...we use canned chicken from costco (all white meat), shredded cheese, and then i load mine up with peppers, tomatos, and whatever else i can find. dip in ff sour cream and put with a side of refried or black beans...voila! all the ingredients are cheap. really, a flour tortilla makes it all better.