Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Day

Today was my first day at my new job at R&O.  I learned how to book one day river trips with the Hualapai's.  It's not as hard as I thought it would be.  Just some steps to remember.  I love that the owners bring their sweet dog to work with them!  He's a long haired weiner type dog...but waaaayyyy longer.  And he has fat stubby legs that belong on a dog 5 times his size.  His name is Willy & he's just a lover boy.  What didn't I love about the job?  Only one thing...the chair I sit in sucks.  It sucks big time.  It sucks so bad that I'll need to replace it.  My back hurt in a hundred different places when I got off.  And they use those ergonomic keyboards for the computer.  I felt like my fingers got QUITE the workout!  I have never really used one of them & it was quite an adjustment.  I love that the owners are so passionate about the canyon.  About the topography of the area.  I spent a couple hours with Pam & we looked over google maps of the area, so now I don't feel, stupid...about the whole thing.  The day made me REALLY want to go on a river trip!

When I got off I had a message from NAU telling me that they needed to speak to me before 1 pm tomorrow.  That's it.  Oookkkayyy...  Being one of my three readers, I'm pretty certain you know me pretty well.  Do you think this simple little message is freaking me out?  Hell yes!  Let's hope I can sleep tonight!  Why would they want to talk to me at a specified time?  Did one of my references say something bad?  One of my former employers?  I would hope if a former employer said something bad (which they might, you never know) that they would take into consideration that I have changed GREATLY in the last decade.  My mind is overthinking the whole thing...

I was lucky enough that I got to meet up with my friend Kim who owns Fizz Bathshop after work.  I truly love that shop & I am so glad to have met Kim!  She's my inspiration!  She's a savvy business owner...the kind I always wanted to be but never quite cut it.  Anyway, we hung out at Cuvee 928 and drank wine & I ate more cheese than I should have (I'm not used to this whole new job thing & didn't bring enough food to work today & I was STARVING!).  We had the best time!  And I love that now my jacket smells like the fizzes she was cooking up in the store tonight :)

And now I am home.  Tired.  My fingers hurt (but I'm still typing).  Still on a high from a great day...a great night.  Kendall was waiting for me to come and watch Bones with her.  Isn't that so cool?  She sent me a text sometime tonight telling me to hurry home because she was waiting on our's the little things, really.

Thank you for reading even though I don't have any photos...I mean well.  And I'll have some seems to be my MO to not take photos January thru April.  I'm working on it...


  1. I can't wait for them to call me as your reference - I have LOTS to tell them!!!

  2. i would be freaking out! what do they need to speak to you about?! that's like the doctor calling and saying, "please call us at your earliest convenience." WTF. anyway, your new job sounds like it is perfect. i want to work there with you.

    keep us updated!