Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am...

sitting in front of a huge pile of photo boxes. And feeling overwhelmed. I know I said that cleaning my craft room was on my to do list, but honestly, I didn't think I'd ever get to it. Then I needed something off my desk. Then I saw the dust. Now, covered head to toe in dust, my craft room is a bigger wreck than ever. The boxes are in the family room & my plan for the JLB Project Scrapbook Fundraiser that I'm going to on Saturday has drastically changed. Here's what the new plan looks like (it's scary...):
  • Sort through the enormous amount of photos I have still in boxes (yes, even after getting most of them in my photo sleeves in my albums). I'm sitting here looking at four boxes & I know there are at least two more in the craft room.
  • Put my photo cd's into cases, label & put 'em in a storage box (why do I actually need these again?)
  • Sort through the two HUGE boxes of memorabilia that I've managed to keep (even after a purge with my take no prisoners sister in law, Kris).
  • Toss the duplicates. Period.
  • Put the pages from the store into my scrapbooks...or a box for Kris (Ray & AJ's mom).

My ultimate goal is to have my photos & memorabilia in their proper place. Not in boxes. Organized. It's my mission in life, although it seems to take an act of God to get me to actually work on it. Once I get down to business though, you'd better watch out!

Here's hoping that I accomplish my goal & then I can move onto other projects on my list. (Can't wait to paint the living room!)

How do you organize your photos?  Your cd's?  What have you done with your negatives?  Is your memorabilia in a box?  In a scrapbook?  In a pile on the craft room floor?

Time to go put away dinner (homemade Pad Thai...yum!) & watch The Vampire Diaries with Kendall.  We'll have our usual argument throughout the whole show, "Stephan's hotter!"  (Kendall).  "No, Damon's hotter!" (me).  Oh the things we have found to bond over...but hey, she's 16.  At least she's talking to me :)
Damon's on the right.  I win.  How can she think Stephan's hotter?

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