Monday, February 14, 2011

Good thing I didn't take a picture...

Yesterday I told Kendall that we needed to do poop patrol in the backyard. She was morally offended. Couldn't understand why she would have to do something so disgusting. (I had been wondering why I'm the only one in the house that thinks it's necessary...) So I told her that poop patrol was just something you have to do when you have dogs. Especially three of them.

We suited up (a newspaper bag on my hand, a rubber glove on hers) & started that fun task, although I'm pretty sure she just picked up bits of garbage & not poop.

Kendall, "I am NEVER having dogs when I leave this house!".
Me, "Why would you say that? You love our dogs."
Kendall, "Because this is disgusting & I'm gonna barf!"
Me, "Well, it's something that needs to be done. I'm sorry you don't want to do it."
Kendall, "I'm never having animals bigger than a fish again!"

Wait til I tell her that fish are dirty, stinky creatures as well...

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