Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am...

sitting in front of a huge pile of photo boxes. And feeling overwhelmed. I know I said that cleaning my craft room was on my to do list, but honestly, I didn't think I'd ever get to it. Then I needed something off my desk. Then I saw the dust. Now, covered head to toe in dust, my craft room is a bigger wreck than ever. The boxes are in the family room & my plan for the JLB Project Scrapbook Fundraiser that I'm going to on Saturday has drastically changed. Here's what the new plan looks like (it's scary...):
  • Sort through the enormous amount of photos I have still in boxes (yes, even after getting most of them in my photo sleeves in my albums). I'm sitting here looking at four boxes & I know there are at least two more in the craft room.
  • Put my photo cd's into cases, label & put 'em in a storage box (why do I actually need these again?)
  • Sort through the two HUGE boxes of memorabilia that I've managed to keep (even after a purge with my take no prisoners sister in law, Kris).
  • Toss the duplicates. Period.
  • Put the pages from the store into my scrapbooks...or a box for Kris (Ray & AJ's mom).

My ultimate goal is to have my photos & memorabilia in their proper place. Not in boxes. Organized. It's my mission in life, although it seems to take an act of God to get me to actually work on it. Once I get down to business though, you'd better watch out!

Here's hoping that I accomplish my goal & then I can move onto other projects on my list. (Can't wait to paint the living room!)

How do you organize your photos?  Your cd's?  What have you done with your negatives?  Is your memorabilia in a box?  In a scrapbook?  In a pile on the craft room floor?

Time to go put away dinner (homemade Pad Thai...yum!) & watch The Vampire Diaries with Kendall.  We'll have our usual argument throughout the whole show, "Stephan's hotter!"  (Kendall).  "No, Damon's hotter!" (me).  Oh the things we have found to bond over...but hey, she's 16.  At least she's talking to me :)
Damon's on the right.  I win.  How can she think Stephan's hotter?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Trying to get myself on a schedule. One that includes exercising. It's been a while. I mean, I walk the dogs sometimes, but even that has gone somewhat by the wayside.  So what's a girl to do?  She loads up her iPod with cool Glee music, that's what!

It's hard not to keep working out when songs like these are coming at you!  I've gone two days in a row to the Aquaplex & both times I've not wanted to quit because I was enjoying my Glee.

I used my Google Calendar to make myself a list of everything I hope to accomplish before I start my new job at NAU.  The list is pretty big.  One of the things on it is that I'd like to get my craft room cleaned & organized.  When I left the store, I came home with a few boxes of pages & other miscellaneous things that really need to be put away properly.  Couple that with the boxes of memorabilia & photos that I've never dealt with & I have quite a mess.  I was going to do it today.  But I think I'll put that off til tomorrow.  Nothing like a little procrastination!

Another thing on my list is Menu Planning.  Anyone have any good ideas for meals that don't involve beef or pork?  I'm getting tired of the same 'ole thing week after week.  We're on a tight budget (don't even get me started about my tax bill...) & will be for the next year.  So I need cheap, healthy meals that my family won't balk at.

And I'm going to paint the living room.  Grey, I think.  I told my husband about it & he said, "so you're going to buy the paint & then I'm going to paint the living room, right?"  Well, now that you mention it....

Time to go make some lunch, read my Shape magazine & watch some trashy tv.  Ah, the sweet life!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today was a perfect day for sledding!  The snow was powdery soft...the hill was perfect...and the kids were ready to play!  Mostly I took photos & laughed my butt off...

 That's Annalea.  She's Bobbo's niece.  That girl has no fear...

This is Ray.  He had the best time ever!  Actually, all the kids had a great time!  Here's another one:

I have more photos to upload & stories to tell, but for now, I'll leave it at this.  I'm seeing which way I like the photos to upload...and I keep messing with it.  I'm playing with how to label my photos, too.   I know I keep asking you to bear with me while I experiment...thank you for understanding :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

JLB Project Scrapbook Fundraiser

Next weekend I'll be participating in the JLB Project Scrapbook an actual participant. I am so excited! Not that it wasn't fun last year when I got to teach the make-n-take for the store. That was fun. (That's where I was when I broke my foot...oh, the memories...). This year I'll be there working on my own projects. I might finish my dream board. Or I might even actually scrapbook a few pages. I won't know til about 10 minutes before I get there, I'm sure. Heck, I might just sit there & chat with my friend Mindy.

So what is the JLB Project? Well, JLB stands for Jack's Little Brother. A gal I know through the store lost a baby to an umbilical cord accident a few years ago. Her family found out that Flagstaff has limited, if any, support for families who have lost a child. So to honor her son's memory, Anna & her husband started the JLB Project. The mission is to provide support to families who have lost a baby to miscarriage, still birth or infant death. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess) I've referred 4 or 5 families to them in the past year. All of them were thrilled with the support they received. And I have to tell you, Anna is the kindest, most compassionate woman I have ever met.

Even if you're not a scrapbooker...not interested in crafting at all...stop by Little America on Saturday, 2/26 & see what the JLB Project is all about. They'll be selling raffle tickets for some amazing prizes (including an iPad & a night at a Cottonwood bed & breakfast!) and you won't want to miss out on those!

Hope to see you there!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Trying Out Blogger

I already like how I can change it up. Lets see how I like posting to it...

Hmmm...that photo was supposed to be big, like they are on Rachel's blog.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have to admit it...I buy wine based on what the label looks like.  I have no idea what makes a good wine...what makes a bad wine...heck, I'm not too sure I even really like wine.  I've tried a few that were easy to dump down the drain (although it killed me to wash money down the drain).  A few I've really liked.  I had a couple glasses of Monk something or other merlot at Cuvee 928 the other night when I went out with Kim from Fizz Bathshop & I loved it!  But mostly, the wine I pick sucks.  I thought Layer Cake wine would be good, because hey, it's, no.  Cupcake wine is pretty good.  Rex Goliath?  I think there's a reason it's only $4.99 a bottle.  The wine I keep coming back to is this:

I love it.  Really.  The only place I've found it is Target.  And it used to be $8.99 a bottle, which for me, is pretty steep!  And now it's $11.99 a bottle, unless you can get it on sale.  It's so good it's worth it, but the frugal girl in me just hesitates (then regrets not) purchasing it every time.  As I type I'm sitting here enjoying every last sip of my Red Guitar.  I bought it for myself for Valentine's Day.  And it goes really, really well with the salted caramels my husband bought me.  Yum!


Before I accidentally crashed the store's typepad account I had the forethought to copy the posts into this blog.   The only trouble is that the photos didn't come through.  There's space for them...and a name...but alas, no photo.  I learned today that if you click on the photo name it will bring the photo up in another window.  Odd, but cool.  At least I know what photos go with what posts.

Slowly but surely I've been deleting old store posts that were just about the store.  Trying to just keep the ones about family & friends.  There are over 1000 posts to filter through, so have patience.

And one of these days I might even post content that you're interested in reading...or maybe not.  I'm not really sure where this whole blog thing is heading.  I'll keep you posted...

Monday, February 14, 2011


I went to the open house at my former store this past Saturday. The new owner's mom kept asking me if it was weird to be, noooooo....but it must have been weird for her. I was there as a "lets meet the new owner & say goodbye to the old one". With that being the theme, I thought it best to bring something to work on. Otherwise it could have turned into not so much fun for me. But it ended up being fabulous!

I made Valentines treat boxes for my husband & my daughter. And I made this cool banner for Audra:

The Valentine she gave me was a super cool pillow with my word of the year "faith" on it. Her word of the year is "magical" so that's what I made her.

Now I have to say, this was super fun to make! No pressure to be fast & just get it done. I couldn't find gold crepe paper so I improvised & used gold napkins. I am so happy with the results! The napkins actually made it feel, dare I say, rich? If I could, I would embellish everything I could with these kind of borders!

Good thing I didn't take a picture...

Yesterday I told Kendall that we needed to do poop patrol in the backyard. She was morally offended. Couldn't understand why she would have to do something so disgusting. (I had been wondering why I'm the only one in the house that thinks it's necessary...) So I told her that poop patrol was just something you have to do when you have dogs. Especially three of them.

We suited up (a newspaper bag on my hand, a rubber glove on hers) & started that fun task, although I'm pretty sure she just picked up bits of garbage & not poop.

Kendall, "I am NEVER having dogs when I leave this house!".
Me, "Why would you say that? You love our dogs."
Kendall, "Because this is disgusting & I'm gonna barf!"
Me, "Well, it's something that needs to be done. I'm sorry you don't want to do it."
Kendall, "I'm never having animals bigger than a fish again!"

Wait til I tell her that fish are dirty, stinky creatures as well...

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Phone Call...

NAU offered me the job! The benefits are great, I couldn't say no. But I hung up the phone & was instantly terrified of telling my new bosses...I like them so much... I told them & they were so disappointed but understood. I hope I didn't make a big mistake, the travel job seemed like SO much fun.... Anyway, they may keep me around for a couple of weeks to help with some social media projects. And they may not. I'll know more Monday. As for today, I'm off (why train someone who is leaving). I start at NAU (pending my background check works out) on 3/21/11. Life is good!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Day

Today was my first day at my new job at R&O.  I learned how to book one day river trips with the Hualapai's.  It's not as hard as I thought it would be.  Just some steps to remember.  I love that the owners bring their sweet dog to work with them!  He's a long haired weiner type dog...but waaaayyyy longer.  And he has fat stubby legs that belong on a dog 5 times his size.  His name is Willy & he's just a lover boy.  What didn't I love about the job?  Only one thing...the chair I sit in sucks.  It sucks big time.  It sucks so bad that I'll need to replace it.  My back hurt in a hundred different places when I got off.  And they use those ergonomic keyboards for the computer.  I felt like my fingers got QUITE the workout!  I have never really used one of them & it was quite an adjustment.  I love that the owners are so passionate about the canyon.  About the topography of the area.  I spent a couple hours with Pam & we looked over google maps of the area, so now I don't feel, stupid...about the whole thing.  The day made me REALLY want to go on a river trip!

When I got off I had a message from NAU telling me that they needed to speak to me before 1 pm tomorrow.  That's it.  Oookkkayyy...  Being one of my three readers, I'm pretty certain you know me pretty well.  Do you think this simple little message is freaking me out?  Hell yes!  Let's hope I can sleep tonight!  Why would they want to talk to me at a specified time?  Did one of my references say something bad?  One of my former employers?  I would hope if a former employer said something bad (which they might, you never know) that they would take into consideration that I have changed GREATLY in the last decade.  My mind is overthinking the whole thing...

I was lucky enough that I got to meet up with my friend Kim who owns Fizz Bathshop after work.  I truly love that shop & I am so glad to have met Kim!  She's my inspiration!  She's a savvy business owner...the kind I always wanted to be but never quite cut it.  Anyway, we hung out at Cuvee 928 and drank wine & I ate more cheese than I should have (I'm not used to this whole new job thing & didn't bring enough food to work today & I was STARVING!).  We had the best time!  And I love that now my jacket smells like the fizzes she was cooking up in the store tonight :)

And now I am home.  Tired.  My fingers hurt (but I'm still typing).  Still on a high from a great day...a great night.  Kendall was waiting for me to come and watch Bones with her.  Isn't that so cool?  She sent me a text sometime tonight telling me to hurry home because she was waiting on our's the little things, really.

Thank you for reading even though I don't have any photos...I mean well.  And I'll have some seems to be my MO to not take photos January thru April.  I'm working on it...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I bet the only two people who read my blog are wondering how my interview went today.  Well, it went pretty darn well!  It was at NAU for a credentialing specialist, which is a fancy word for data entry.  I arrived at my interview to find FIVE really nice people there to interview me.  Good thing I had practice with that at Coconino...whew!  Yes, Coconino High School had a panel of FIVE interview me, too!  I won't know for a few more weeks if they'll even consider offering me a job, but they did call my references today.

I am happy to report that I start my new job tomorrow with the travel company.  I'm so excited for that!  I had hoped to get more done in the time between selling the store & getting a job, but that didn't happen & it's my own fault.  I'm glad that I'll have a couple of weeks before I hear from NAU to feel out this new job & see if it's a good fit.   I really like the owners of the travel company.   They're such nice people.   So nice that I would feel incredibly guilty for leaving one job for another,but  the lure of benefits may just be too much to ignore.  We'll see.  Who knows what fate the cards hold for me?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did I ever mention that I'm crazy?

I spent most of today freaked out because I canceled an interview that was scheduled for me tomorrow...and I shouldn't have. I have a new job that I start on Thursday, and I'm really excited about it. But I shouldn't have let that stop me from another interview. It's good to see what's out there. So after a day with a stomach full of knots, I emailed the interviewer & asked if I could still come to the interview tomorrow. I figured what the heck? And she responded yes. So tomorrow I interview for another job. I'll tell you more about it afterwords. But it should be fun.

So tonight, I'm gonna color my hair...someone should have told me it was looking that bad, holy cow! And I wish I could make magic happen & cut my own hair, but alas, it would result in total sadness. I'll iron my clothes & get ready for what shall be a marvelous interview! Wish me luck!

Blogging Dilemmas

It's funny, but since I don't own my store anymore, I'm finding it harder & harder to get myself to blog.  It's not that I don't have anything to say...that's certainly not the's just that I don't like my blog design.  I've actually started another one on Blogger (nothing is written in it yet) that seems to be easier to change the look of.  My friend Rachel started up a new blog & it's beautiful right from the start.  Mine?  It's ugly.  There are all sorts of free templates for Blogger out there...what about Wordpress?

My old blog was on Typepad.  Typepad makes you pay, which is fine when you own a business, but not so fine when you're just blogging to get the words out of your head.  It was easy to navigate...easy to change.  And apparently, easy to crash (oops, yeah, that was me that crashed the blog).  Wordpress let me transfer my old blog posts into the new blog...but not the photos (that sucked).  I tried to download them to Blogger, you know, just in case I move my blog, and Blogger wouldn't take them.  What's a girl to do?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Carrot Soup

Sometime last year I was whining to my friend Kim about the excess vegetables in my garden & my inability to cook. She told me I should make soup. Did she not hear the part about not being able to cook? Leave it to Kim to narrow it down to just a few steps to make even the most kitchen challenged gal understand.

Kim told me that all you have to do is put broth/stock/water in a pot, add vegetables, boil til done & then puree with the immersion blender. It has to be harder than that...right? Nope. Ridiculously easy. Since then, I make soup all the time. Sometimes I toss the veggies with olive oil & roast them in the oven at 350 for about an hour & then toss them in the broth...or sometimes, like last night, I just chop 'em up & toss them in the pot.

This is about 8 carrots that were hanging out in the fridge, 1 leek...they're milder than onions, and one 32 oz container of chicken stock.

I boiled them a little too long & had to add water. Told you I'm not the best cook around. Then I pureed everything directly in the pot with my immersion blender. I poured the soup in my bowl & stirred in some half & half. I topped with cayenne pepper & cilantro. Quite delicious!

What would I have done differently? I usually toss in a jalapeno...I missed that. If I had other veggies in the fridge I would have tossed them in to. But this simple carrot soup was pretty tasty!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It has come to my attention that I did not take a single photo in January. Maybe it was because my camera was in the shop for the first 2 weeks. Or maybe it was because I have had a lot of life upheaval. Likely it was because I rarely take photos in January. The only reason this poses a dilemma is because I teach a scrapbooking class called "Year in Review" and I use photos from the previous month in the current months class. That way students have a completed Year in Review at the end of the year. Only this month, I have no photos to work with. Crap.

Looks like I'll be issuing a challenge to myself to take one photo a day for February. Do I need 28 photos? No. But I need to get back in the hang of taking photos. I do love them so. And blog posts without photos are just...well, crappy. And it's not like I don't have oodles of inspiration all around me. I have over 20 nieces & nephews that are just adorable. My dogs are cute as can be. My daughter is beautiful. And my husband is a hunk. I just need to find my mojo.

Will you join me? It's just one month. 28 photos.