Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I did it!

I signed the papers today!  And I didn't cry! I've been crying for three days & I didn't cry today!  Not only that, it felt great! This is so amazing!  I'm so excited!

And guess what?  Tomorrow is my cooking class at The Seasoned Kitchen.  Here's what we're making:

Pumpkin Meets Polenta: A Warming Match
Come join Dana as she shares with you how to make warming, nourishing comfort foods paired in unique ways.  The evening will begin with a simple spinach salad with fresh orange slices drizzled with balsamic dressing.  Pumpkin polenta topped with tomatillo avocado salsa fresca will be the center piece of the evening complimented by fresh cooked black beans and fire roasted tomatoes and garlic.  For dessert you will enjoy a homemade gluten free cranberry walnut bread with vanilla coconut ice cream.

Have I ever mentioned that I love polenta?  Add pumpkin to that & I'm over the moon!  And for the first cooking class of the year to be gluten's like they made the class for me!  I'm so excited about it, I went to the Pioneer Woman's website & downloaded a few new recipes to try.  I'm going to have to be Susie homemaker for a bit...and I'm excited!  Woohoo!

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