Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shiny & New

A new life.  That's what's coming for me.  And I envision it to be shiny.  Happy.  Fantastic.  Seriously.

You see, four months ago I decided to sell the retail craft store that I've owned & operated for the past 9 years.  It all came about because I was exhausted.  Burned out.  I had some hurt feelings.  I had lost my passion.  I had lost my vision.  And that, my friends, is sad.  What was the final catalyst that made me decide to sell it?  My husband & I took our first vacation together in 2 years.  Our daughter had gone to stay with family in Texas & we decided to take a road trip to Colorado to see some friends.  We had three days for our vacation & we were going to make the most of it!  Well, the drive was short on the way up...& very long on the way back.  We had lots of time to talk.  It occurred to me that I had not had the ability to leave my store for way too long.  I missed birthdays.  I missed bbq's.  I missed our friends in Colorado.  It was time to make a decision.  And then a couple of snotty comments were said about me & sent me over the edge.  The store got listed for sale.

At first I wanted it to sell really quickly.  And then someone became interested.  Very interested.  Then I started to get a little nervous.  Could she run it like I had?  (I hope not...the store needs to be better!)  Was she serious?  Was she passionate about it?  Would she take over my blog?  What?  Take over my blog?  I have to give that up?  Will she do a good job with it?  WHY DO I CARE?  So many emotions...

Anyway, she made an offer & the store's in the process of being bought by a lovely young woman (who has the most beautiful baby boy you've ever seen!).  And I am so excited!  I am also terrified! What will I do with my life?  I have to get a job, but where?  What will I do without my blog?  Well, according to my friend Mindy, some of you actually like to read what I have to say & I should start a new one.  Really?  You like to read my blog?  I find that shocking.  I guess it never occurred to me that any of my customers liked me.  Ok.  Some of them I know like me, but for the most part, yeah, no.

So tonight I set about creating a new blog.  I must have spent three hours trying to come up with a name.  The store's blog was was the store's name.  But this one?  Oh my.  I really wanted it to be positive, but my thoughts couldn't help drifting to the negative.  But then I'd try the name & it would be taken.  I can't remember the bulk of what I tried (good thing, too) but here are a few titles I tried for:  Big Girl Panties, Puttin On My Big Girl Panties, Impossible (as in Im Possible), I Heart Crafts, & until the last possible second when I changed my mind, Dinosaurs In The Basement.  I still like that name.  (My husband was watching Toy Story while I was blog name searching &  up popped the t-rex, & well, I was in the basement.)  I also tried for Shiny & New, but it's we have All Shiny & New.  It's just a reflection of the new life I have before me.

This blog will be different from the store's blog.  There won't be sales or things about products I sell (sold...).  There won't be class schedules or photos.   I'll likely tell you a bit about life as a store owner.  But hopefully more about life as a former store owner.  It'll be more of me.  My family.  My writing on whatever happens to amuse or piss me off at the moment.  And I really do love crafts.  Crafts of all kinds!  So I'll likely share that with you, too.

Now, you have to realize that I censored myself somewhat so as not to offend my customers.  It might take a while to get out of that habit, but after a bit you may see the real me here.  In real life, I use the f word far more than a lady should.  I'm stressed out & freak out at the littlest things that end up working out just fine.  And I still love photography, so you'll still see lots of photos!  I actually hope to be able to take a real photography class & a photo editing class (right after I get that job!).

So that said, thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you very much!


  1. Woo hoo! I am so proud of you!!!

  2. Yay Kirsten!! So glad things are moving in a new direction for you. I look forward to hearing about the new life!

    Kate (Mindy's friend)