Sunday, December 19, 2010

Learing something new

I have spent most of the morning playing with software to print my previous blog into a book. Dilemmas abound! Do I print all of the posts? Do I delete things like class projects & schedules? It was all a part of my life. Guess it will boil down to how much it costs. And four complete years of blogging is going to cost a pretty penny, I'm sure.

But you know what? The whole prospect is exciting! I love the idea of having a printed record of the past three years! And I am more & more in love with the idea that I will no longer be an entrepreneur! I want to be an employee who leaves all the hard decisions to the powers that be. I want to have freedom to do the things I want to do. As I read over some of the blog posts from the beginning, it came to my attention that I actually have not had a vacation with my husband in THREE years. Well, that just sealed the deal.  I'm ready to change my life.  No more entrepreneur for me.

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