Monday, December 13, 2010

Arizona Cardinals Fans

Yesterday was my first trip to an Arizona Cardinals game in, oh, ten
or more years.  I'd never seen the new stadium (which is
AWESOME!).  Or really had any desire to go to a game (I had been
banned from all professional sporting events, too...more on that
later).  I'm really not into football...or sports for that
matter.  I'd just prefer to let the people who enjoy it go. 
But we had an opportunity for some tickets & my husband needed
someone to go with him.  Armed with almost 5 seasons of Friday
Night Lights, I thought, what the heck, I'll go!


I even borrowed my daughter's t-shirt.  I own nothing remotely
Cardinals.  My husband on the other hand, could outfit a team.


We had great the end zone.  I had no idea we'd be so close to the field!


I don't have a zoom lens, something that's on my wish list.

Before I give you my impression of last nights game, let me tell you
why I was banned from all professional sporting events.  You see,
10 or more years ago I went to a Cardinals game with my husband &
brother at Sun Devil Stadium.  I believe they were playing the might have been the Vikings...and well they lost. 
Now, the Cardinal's back then sucked.  There's no nice way to put
it.  But my husband is a loyal fan in good times & in
bad.  My brother, while a fan, gets totally ticked off when his
team loses.  So we're exiting the stadium & my brother is
grumbling about how the Cardinals lost (again) and I chimed in as only a
sister can & said, "well what did you expect...hahaha!"  Let
me tell you that I had to run!  My brother chased me til my husband
caught him & then my brother started yelling that I was banned from
all professional sporting, golf, football,
baseball...and then he got so worked up I was banned from little league
& everything in between.  Now, not being a big sports fan, I
didn't care.  At all.  It was actually pretty dang

In the years since that event, my husband & brother got season
tickets a few times & my brother held steadfast to his rule that I
was banned.  Again, no big deal to me.  My daughter to this
day reminds everyone she can about it.  But again, no big
deal.  I think he's grown weary of the teasing & let Don take
me to last nights game.


Now on to the game.  First of all, the stadium is AWESOME! 
We walked around & tried to find Bridget & her family (we found
them!).  I oohed & aahed at all the right places. 
Noticed things my husband hadn't of the murals has white
space around it that is filled in with fans photos.  It's pretty

Here's what I learned:

  • Watching Friday Night Lights obessively does NOT prepare you for a football game

  • My husband is most patient answering any and all questions (and I had a LOT)

  • Cheerleaders change their uniforms at half time

  • Only one cheerleader had short hair

  • Football players look like normal sized men from the stands...even when you're close

  • This was Feeley's game for sure...I didn't know kickers did anything but kick, but the dude won the game for the Cardinals

  • Fans are CRAZY!


Do you see the orange metallic wigs on the two Bronco's fans?  Yeah, I'd never do that.

  • My husband (and every man around me) calls the plays with the ref's...makes the hand motions too

  • When the Cardinal's do well, everyone gives high fives all around (well, not me, because I'm plugging my ears)

  • Professional football teams have what amount to flag girls...but they're boys.  Who knew?

  • It is so loud in there I wish I'd brought ear plugs

  • The season ticket holder next to me brought their 2 month old
    baby...with no ear protection...she said her house is really loud &
    it doesn't bother the baby.  I hope her house isn't THAT loud, holy
    cow!  I want to buy her baby head phone & send them to her...

  • I thought "how sweet!" when I saw a 50 some odd year old guy there
    with his 20 some odd year, that WASN'T his daughter. 
    My bad.

  • The guy who sits in front of our seats is in the Army.  On
    Veteran's Day he got to wear his uniform on the field & then
    finished up watching the game in his uniform.  So cool!

  • With 10 minutes left in the 4th quater people begin to
    mass.  Ok, this I don't get.  Your team is winning.  10
    minutes on a football clock can last, oh, 45 minutes.  You paid
    good money for your tickets...and you're leaving?  I don't get it.

(this is before the game started...from my phone)

  • We saw someone get ejected from the stands...while a fight was going on on the other side of us (I missed it)

  • People try hard to get on that jumbo tron

  • The grass in the stadium is real grass.  It's on a platform
    that they slide out of the stadium & out into the sun.  I just
    can't wrap my mind around that, it's so massive!

  • Why rush to get to the parking lot?  You'll just sit in your car waiting to pull out of your spot for an hour.

  • Speaking of parking lots, tailgaters are CRAZY, too!

  • Have never seen that much my life!

  • My husband says that the University of Phoenix Stadium holds
    72,000...that's more than the population of Flagstaff!  And our
    game was sold out...


We had a fantastic time!  And you'll be happy to know that I'm
no longer banned from professional sporting events.  I behaved


  1. I told you that you would be the good luck charm!

  2. Texting High fives and the fact the Zebras ( Refs) we're from steeler country!!!!