Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grateful #3


I'm grateful that sometimes people just don't think when they make
signs.  And those signs make me laugh my ass off!  My first
thought was stop for hot flashes?  Or is this where all the
flashers stop first?  Seriously, there is humor all around
us...especially in downtown Flagstaff.  This particular sign is
on  Beaver Street, just south of the railroad tracks.  I'll be
going back to get a better shot...most definitely!


Okie doke...


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha That is soooo funny! If I'm flashing, I must stop first,
    but if I'm just blinking, then stopping is optional.

  2. Those signs are part of the Federal Railroad Administration and BNSF
    safety requirements for Railroad Quiet Zones. They are indeed funny,
    and they are also just about the only warning you'll get before being
    hit by a train.