Friday, November 19, 2010

Grateful #15


This is my niece Becky & her husband Josh.  Becky is the
most amazing mother to three rambunctious boys.  She is calm, level
headed, smart & beautiful.  Josh is a fire fighter & an
amazing husband & father. (I won't comment on how handsome he is
because, well, this is about Becky...)


I think that Becky sometimes feels like she's not as awesome as she
is.  Staying home with three boys can be a challenge (she's the
only female in her house) and sometimes she might not feel as girly as
she'd like.  But when you meet her boys, you'll know what I've
known all along...Becky is someone who is passionate about her
family.  She's raising sweet, polite boys.   And truly, she's
just so dang nice, too!   I want Becky to know how very lucky &
grateful I am to have her for my niece. 

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