Monday, November 1, 2010

Grateful #1


Let's be grateful...for 20 days leading up to Thanksgiving. 
It's good to express your gratitude.  No matter what you're
grateful for.  It makes you appreciate life.  The little
things.  The big things.  I completely enjoyed my grateful
project last year.  You can see the photos & the project I completed here.
(Last year, I did 26 grateful for every letter in the
alphabet...this year, I'm just simply being grateful each day.) 
It's something that I enjoy looking at all the time.  It was fun to
do & easy, too!  All I'm asking is that each day, you make a
note of something you're grateful for...add a photo to that & poof,
you're done!

So what am I grateful for today?  Well, many things.  The
first thing that comes to mind is that I'm grateful that my fabulous
mother was able to retrieve this photo that I deleted from my
phone.  I wasted precious hours trying to recover took her
minutes.  I hope now you see why I wanted the photo so badly. 
How often do you see a leaf the shape of a heart?  I found it on
my walk the other day...and it just spoke to me.  My dog, Maggie,
& I were out at the park & I was talking to whomever it is I
talk to on these walks & asking some questions.  And I was
answered with the leaf.  Enough said.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely thing to do. So often we get caught up in the pace of life
    and either don't see or think about some of the wonderful things in our
    lives, especially the simple things. I will definitely make time each
    day to stop, breathe, look around and be grateful. Thanks