Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fizz Bath Shop

love to take baths.  I don't take them very often anymore...I have
an archaic 1978 bathtub that is just not meant for nice, leisurely
soaks.  Until I stumbled upon Fizz Bathshop.  Ever heard of
it?  It's kinda funny, but I heard of Fizz Bath Shop
through Twitter (@fizzbathshop).  Someone I chat with on Twitter
follwed them & so I thought, "why not!".  And now, I'm totally

Kim (the owner) makes all of the bath products from scratch. 
Yep, you read that right.  From scratch.  She has a pink
Kitchen Aid mixer that sits on the counter & on the many occasions
I've been there, she's been mixing up lovely smelling things.  My
favorite right now is the Lemongrass Sugar Scrub (just $12!) and the
Bath Fizzes.

I also have their lip balms...$2 for handmade yumminess! 

Fizz Bath Shop moved this month & is now located downtown, across
the street from Charley's (which you'll see in another Flagstaff
Favorites Post, for sure!) on Leroux Street.  I hope you'll
visit!  It's a great place for gifts for gals...although I have to
tell you, when we went by last Friday night, Kim's shop was filled with men.

I'm sure you wonder sometimes why a scrapbooking blog tells you about
other businesses.  Well, if you've noticed, they're all local
businesses.  I believe 100% in supporting local business.  Do I
shop at Target?  Yes.  But if I can get a wonderful
smelling,mostly organic, amazing sugar scrub from a local business, you
can bet that's where I'll be.  You know what else you get from a
local business?  A connection.  You get someone who cares
about their product...someone who cares if you like their
product...someone who cares about you.  Do you get that at
Target?  Um, no. 


  1. Makes me want to run home and take a bath! Loved my Shower Steamer from
    FIZZ, certainly worth every penny of the $3 that I spent on it!

  2. I think it's hilarious that I, too, discovered Fizz on Twitter and now
    Kim is a dear friend!

  3. Eunice, you're actually how I found out about her! And I can see why
    she's become your dear friend, she's really awesome!