Monday, October 18, 2010

Scrapbook Store for Sale

Yes, you read that right.  After 9 years of owning About
Memories and More I've decided its time for something new.  I
actually listed the store back in August, but didn't tell anyone because
I just wasn't sure.  It's heart breaking...and exciting all at the
same time.  You've all become so important to me, so I wanted to
let you hear it from me before you heard it from someone else.  I
love what I do, but it's time for a change.

In my mind, a new owner would be so great for About Memories &
More!  They'd have a fresh perspective...fresh
products.  And I'd love to attend events like Scrap Pink.  I'd love to attend Midnight Madness.  I'd love to attend classes.  So I've listed my store at a very reasonable price.  You can view the listing here. 
I'd like to ask that you talk to my realtor, Tom at 928-853-3639, and
not me.  It's very emotional for me & I'd just prefer that Tom
handle it.

When I bought the store from Terry Tress & Wendy Rhoton in 2001,
the store had been for sale for less than a week.  I ran home &
told my husband that I wanted to own the scrapbook store, and the great
guy that he is, said yes.  He didn't even pause for a
second.  I have loved every moment of About Memories &
More.  I hope that one of my readers will see this as the
opportunity of a lifetime!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

& Maggie on our morning walk.  She was more interested in
walking than having her photo taken...cute though!  I tell you
what, I've come up with lots of plans...lots of ideas...lots of life
altering stuff...while walking my dog.  I tell her all about it
& she always agrees.  Fun to work out your issues with your
dog.  They don't think you're crazy.  And believe me, if you
heard what I told her, you'd think I was crazy.  Best to keep some
secrets with the dog!

Fizz Bath Shop

love to take baths.  I don't take them very often anymore...I have
an archaic 1978 bathtub that is just not meant for nice, leisurely
soaks.  Until I stumbled upon Fizz Bathshop.  Ever heard of
it?  It's kinda funny, but I heard of Fizz Bath Shop
through Twitter (@fizzbathshop).  Someone I chat with on Twitter
follwed them & so I thought, "why not!".  And now, I'm totally

Kim (the owner) makes all of the bath products from scratch. 
Yep, you read that right.  From scratch.  She has a pink
Kitchen Aid mixer that sits on the counter & on the many occasions
I've been there, she's been mixing up lovely smelling things.  My
favorite right now is the Lemongrass Sugar Scrub (just $12!) and the
Bath Fizzes.

I also have their lip balms...$2 for handmade yumminess! 

Fizz Bath Shop moved this month & is now located downtown, across
the street from Charley's (which you'll see in another Flagstaff
Favorites Post, for sure!) on Leroux Street.  I hope you'll
visit!  It's a great place for gifts for gals...although I have to
tell you, when we went by last Friday night, Kim's shop was filled with men.

I'm sure you wonder sometimes why a scrapbooking blog tells you about
other businesses.  Well, if you've noticed, they're all local
businesses.  I believe 100% in supporting local business.  Do I
shop at Target?  Yes.  But if I can get a wonderful
smelling,mostly organic, amazing sugar scrub from a local business, you
can bet that's where I'll be.  You know what else you get from a
local business?  A connection.  You get someone who cares
about their product...someone who cares if you like their
product...someone who cares about you.  Do you get that at
Target?  Um, no.