Friday, September 17, 2010

Something Special

My daughter & my best friend Audra have been planning Kendall's
16th birthday party for what seems like years.  In August, Audra
gave Kendall 5 bags, each filled with 1 item that represented the type
of party she could have.  The bags had cute, handmade tags that
said what the party theme would be:  movie night, swim, spa,
treasure hunt, and I can't remember the last (Audra?).  Kendall
spent weeks agonizing which party to pick (like any of them wouldn't be
fabulous!) and finally settled on the swim party.  What made it so
difficult, is that Audra & I wouldn't give her any details. 
She had to pick the party blindly...just trust us.  It drove the
girls nuts!

Once Kendall decided on the swim party, Audra set things in
motion.  We brainstormed who had the best pools in town &
decided on Little America.  In order to use that pool, we'd need to
stay there, which was fine by me!  Since I was a little girl, I've
wanted to stay at Little America.  My dad came to visit once &
I just fell in love with the old school look of the place.  The
velvet walls...the phone in the potty...


And how could you not love the batrooms covered in 1960's tile?  I love that place!

Anyway, Audra & I set out to make the invitations.  We went
to Little America to take photos of the pool.  They have the
cleanest, clearest pool in town.  And the water is super warm...


We couldn't decide between this photo...and this photo.


We ended up with the first one.  It was a super cute invitation (I'll add a photo later).

The invitation told the girls to grab a suit & meet at our house
on Saturday for a swim party/sleepover.  No details were
given.  The whole week before the party, the girls tried to guess
where we were going.  Not once ever picking Little America.

So we arrive at the hotel...really the pool, since we were early, to
find goodie bags set in place by Audra for each of the girls.  (I
cannot believe I don't have a photo of the bags!)  They were fun,
white totes filled with a cool striped towel, Old Navy flip flops, nail
polish & remover, a tootsie pop, Smart Water, and sunscreen. 
So very cool!

The girls wasted no time hopping into the pool...

And then dove into their goodie bags to find these cool towels...


Cute, cute girls!

After some playing in the pool, we headed to the room where the girls
were treated to a make your own sandwhich bar...and birthday cupcakes.


We sent the girls outside to enjoy their cupcakes...and of all things, they ran into a clown.


Clowns are not my most favorite thing ever...but he thought
they were with the group that hired him & so he played around with
them a bit.  It was pretty entertaining!

After the clown, we headed back to the rooms to watch movies. 
My friend Maria stayed as the other "chaperone" & we thought that
once we were back in the rooms that we'd be abandonded.  That
wasn't the case at all!  Much to our surprise, the girls piled into
the our room & we watched Letters to Juliet & Date Night &
just had a fabulous time!  These girls are a great group! 

Sunday morning, Maria, MacKenzie & I got up before everyone else & headed out to the jacuzzi...wasn't that delightful!


Don (my hubby) brought us much needed coffee...woo hoo!  While
Maria slept soundly, I heard every word the girls uttered...Kendall
stayed up til 12:30, Sarah til 1:00...Leah & Kristin stayed up until
4:30 am!!!  Good thing he brought me a really big coffee!

I have to thank Audra for making Kendall's birthday the best birthday
ever!  And Maria for hanging out at the hotel with me & making
sure things went smoothly.  I have the best friends...ever!

So tonight, I think I'll be printing photos from the party &
making a layout at Midnight Madness (you should totally come join
me!).  I've already done a page for Kendall's family'll
be seeing that in a Page of the Week soon!  So I'll do the kids
party while it's still fresh in my mind.  I've come to the
realization that I just don't remember like I used better to
scrap it now (remember, I put the bulk of the photos into photo sleeves
& scrapbook my favorites, just to keep it simple & fast) or risk
losing these wonderful memories.  And I just don't want to forget
that my teenage daughter & her friends wanted to hang out with
me.  How cool is that?


  1. What a wonderful way to make Kendall's birthday so special and full of
    wonderful memories!!

  2. Kirsten, only 4 party ideas to choose from - that is why you can not
    remember the last one. I have a picture of the bags and will get it to
    you when I bring the Nikon in for downloading. I am delighted that the
    girls enjoyed their time and thrilled to know that the cupcakes are not
    only girl approved but squirrel approved also!